Bad Blooded Taylor Swift: The Jobless DJ David Mueller Sues The Singer For Her Butt-Grabbing Allegation

By Subhro Prakash Ghosh | 2 years ago

You can ogle it, but can’t dare to play with it. A former Denver radio DJ is all set to sue the “Bad Blood” singer Taylor Swift for losing his job as she accused him of grabbing her buttock during a 2013 concert. Read on for more details.

DJ David Mueller, also known as Jackson at KYGO radio, had attended a Swift concert in June 2013 with her girlfriend Shannon Melcher. According to CNN, Mueller was often required on behalf of KYGO to interact with the celebrities, performers or guests. Both Melcher and Mueller had first greeted the 25-year old singer and had a picture with her.

Here lie all the controversies. According to a complaint lodged by Swift, the DJ had shown an audacity of lifting her skirt and grabbed her buttock while the photograph was taken. When the singer felt that she was violated, she asked the security team to intervene and both Melcher and Mueller were ostracized from the premises.

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As reported by HollywoodLife, Swift’s management had plenty of telephonic discussion with KYGO’s management and finally the DJ was fired from his job. Now Mueller is claiming that he was not the person who had crossed the limit-line, and if the matter had happened some other fellow must have done it.

“The contention that Mr. Mueller lifted up Ms. Swift’s skirt and grabbed her bottom, while standing with his girlfriend, in front of Ms. Swift’s photographer and Ms. Swift’s highly trained security personnel, during a company sponsored, VIP, backstage meet-and-greet, is nonsense, particularly given that Ms. Swift’s skirt is in place and is not being lifted by Mr. Mueller’s hand in the photograph,” the lawsuit told.

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The lawsuit also claimed that the DJ completely denied “inappropriate contact” with the singer and he had the record of meeting lot of celebrities without having this kind of accusation. He is initially trying to sue the singer and recuperating his earning for the last two years. During the alleged incident, he used to earn $150,000 every year.

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Photo Source: Facebook/Taylor Swift

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