Bad Boys 3 and 4 Release Dates Announced: Will Smith May Not Star In The Sequels!

By Meghna Subhedhar | 2 years ago
Bad Boys 3 and 4 Release Dates Announced: Will Smith May Not Star In The Sequels!

Even though not one but two “Bad Boys” sequels have been announced, Will Smith may not star in either one of them. Will Smith, however, is said to be joining the production team in the capacity of a producer. There is no news about Martin Lawrence joining in on the acting front either. Read on for more details.

There is news on the “Bad Boys” movie sequels. The first one, “Bad Boys 3,” will be arriving on Feb. 17, 2017, and the second one, “Bad Boys 4” will be released on July 3, 2019. While the movies’ production schedule has been confirmed, it has not yet been announced if the original “Bad Boys” stars Smith and Lawrence will be starring in it or not.

The first two movies portrayed Smith and Lawrence as buddy cops busting a drug ring and fighting the criminals. If the new sequel is focussed on Smith and Lawrence again, they will likely take on another police case. But there is a buzz out and about on the internet that the two will likely pass the baton to younger cops played by younger actors and the story will get a new frame and possibly even a new setting.

Joe Carnahan is slated to direct the third film and the production studio is looking for a director for the fourth installment. The new films, if done right, will probably show the same kind of over the top mayhem that made the first two films memorable. If he steps in front of the camera, Will Smith will be a big draw at the box office. Martin Lawrence’s presence will have the same effect on the films. So we kind of hope that the original “Bad Boys” star in the third installment too.

IGN and We Got This Covered reported the news first.

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