‘Bad Boys 3’ Movie to Return Sans Michael Bay

By Anshul Hardikar | 3 years ago
‘Bad Boys 3’ Movie to Return Sans Michael Bay

Looks like Mike Lowrey and Marcus Burnett might soon be gracing the silver screens again after almost 12 years since their last adventure. For all those who are not familiar with them, they happen to be probably the coolest detectives you will find. Popularly called as the Bad Boys, Will Smith and Martin Lawrence have played the roles more effectively and put life in these characters. Based in Miami, their unconventional approach was and still is liked by everyone. So even if you are fond of them, you might want to keep reading, as there is some good news after all.

According to Den of Geek, the movie might be going in for a third installment after all. Even if a part of that is true then it can only mean the two lead actors will be coming back on screen 12 years after the previous installment released. Will Smith and Martin Lawrence are probably the only actors who are known for the characters they played especially in this movie.

Even in the past, Lawrence hinted at working together with Will Smith and starring in another installment of the movie but it was unfortunately because of Smith’s fully booked schedule that he could not accommodate this movie. He has been busy doing movies after movies and probably in the process this movie just got put in the back burner. It was only in Summer 2013 when producer Jerry Bruckheimer suggested that they are trying their level best to reunite both the actors and the rest of the cast and crew to come aboard this movie. Unfortunately even with Michael Bay intending to make other movies, he kind of drifted away from this project.

Producers are now determined to revive the project for a third installment and they will do anything to make it happen. So much so that they have started to look for another director who will be willing to direct this movie and bring to it his/her own unique take on action. One of the lead contenders of the movie is Joe Carnahan whose one of the most popular action movies is “The A-Team”. It is being reported that the director will take on as the new “Bad Boys 3” director and will also brush up the screenplay by David Guggenheim.

Michael Bay equally passionate about the project is also said to be talking to people so that he can get to direct the movie and remain aboard. Let’s see eventually who gets to bring “Bad Boys 3” back on screen.

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