Bad Judge Finale Recap: Case Closed [WATCH VIDEO]

By Rachel Cruz | 3 years ago
Bad Judge Finale Recap: Case Closed [WATCH VIDEO]
Kate Walsh at the 2011 Voice Awards.

Bad Judge” Season 1 Episode 13 “Case Closed” aired on Thursday, Jan. 22, 2015, at 9:00 p.m. Rebecca is going for a record at the courthouse but meets some obstacles along the way. Find out what happened in the series finale in the recap below.

Judge Hernandez (Miguel Sandoval) has big news for Rebecca (Kate Walsh). If she’s able to finish three cases by Thursday, she will be the youngest judge to do so with 1,000 cases. Learning about this, she and Tedward (Tone Bell) hustle up and get to work. But the first case she tries has a really old witness who walks and talks very slowly, delaying Rebecca’s momentum. So she changes shift in the court, coasting through two cases in a row. She only needed one more to beat the record.

The next case, however, poses a new problem, as it is of a fire-breather, a magician who is told to demonstrate his trick. But his fire sets off the sprinklers inside the courthouse. Thus, they have to stop the proceeding and evacuate everyone. Rebecca still has to beat the record and the time is winding down.

Meanwhile, Gary (Ryan Hansen) is shopping for a gift for Rebecca for when she actually beats the record. He looks for the perfect gift with Tedward, but he couldn’t find anything that’s right for his girlfriend. He did manage to buy presents that were perfect for Tedward, though. He’s easier to shop for. During their shopping sojourn, they spot a familiar van. This gives the guys some ideas.

Back at work, Rebecca isn’t sure she’s not going to beat the record, so while on recess, she meets with her dear friend Michelle (guest star Angela Kinsey), whose divorce is still going bad. Michelle has learned that her ex-husband is now dating their former classmate from high school, and coincidentally, Michelle brings Rebecca to the bar where this woman works. Apparently, according to the new girl, Michelle has been stalking her.

The encounter becomes a confrontation, which escalates to a full on girl fight when the woman dumps a glass of margarita on Michelle. Rebecca, who earlier advised her friend to take the high road, didn’t let this pass and jabs the woman with a right hook. Judge Rebecca Wright ends up in jail for the assault.

Tom (John Ducey) helps Rebecca’s release, and Gary pays for her bail. But she still has a record to beat at work, and it’s Thursday afternoon. Is this over now? Judge Hernandez asks her to take over his last case for the day, as he has an emergency with his wife. Rebecca may have one last chance to beat the record then. So together with Tedward, Tom and even Judy, they quickly settle the last case in four minutes — Rebecca has beaten the record!

They all celebrate at the bar, where Judge Hernadez is actually waiting for them, as there has been no emergency at all.

Hernandez awards Rebecca with his lucky bolo, which she proudly wears with honor. Meanwhile, Gary and Tedward show Rebecca her gift outside — it’s her old van! Actually, it is a replica of her van. Rebecca cries at the gesture because she has been really missing her van. She kisses her boyfriend and takes her gift for a test drive.

In the morning, Rebecca wakes up next to Gary and starts a new day as always — rushing to the courthouse dressed in very revealing clothes, while carrying her supersize soda. It’s another day and another case, and Rebecca commands her court room with renewed confidence.

So there you have it for the final recap on “Bad Judge” Season 1 Episode 13 “Case Closed,” which aired on Thursday, Jan. 22, 2015, at 9:00 p.m. Check out the video below for the episode highlight. Did you like how the series ended?

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