Bad Judge Recap: Communication Breakdown [WATCH VIDEO]

By Rachel Cruz | 3 years ago
Bad Judge Recap: Communication Breakdown [WATCH VIDEO]
Kate Walsh at the 2011 Voice Awards.

Bad Judge” Season 1 Episode 7 “Communication Breakdown” aired on Thursday, Nov. 13, 2014, at 9:00 p.m. on NBC. Party girl Rebecca celebrated a friend’s divorce, and she and Gary finally defined what they really want out of their relationship. Find out what happened in the recap below.

Rebecca Wright (Kate Walsh) and her friend Michelle (Angela Kinsey) had a bad hangover. They woke up on the front lawn looking really washed out, and Rebecca still had beer on her hand. They had a reason to celebrate though because Michelle just got a divorce, ending almost two decades of bad marriage.

Still slightly hungover, Rebecca was in her courtroom later that day to hear the case of Mr. Lin, who was charged for loitering and stealing shoes. The judge talked to Mr. Lin, but apparently, he’s deaf, so Rebecca issued a short recess until they could find a sign language translator.  In her chambers, Tedward (Tone Bell) remarked that the judge looked really messed up, and she’s wearing two different shoes too! It was a good thing Mr. Lin’s hearing was on recess as she was not up for it.

Later that night, Rebecca was out partying with Michelle, who was determined to have fun. Her ex was already posting photos of his latest conquests on Instagram.

Michelle: I am never getting in a relationship again!
Rebecca: See, this is why I don’t do relationships. The jealousy, the games. You know who mates for life? The albatross. It’s the literary symbol for dragging you down.

When Michelle asked her about Gary (Ryan Hansen), Rebecca said that they’re just having fun. But Gary was with another woman at the club that night. As Rebecca spotted him, she felt a slight tinge of jealousy. In front of Gary’s date, Rebecca made out with him. She acted just like a dog marking the territory.   

The next day, Gary asked her to join him at a luxury hotel sometime in the weekend, to which Rebecca agreed. There was no harm in it. They were just going to have fun right?

She was at court again, with Mr. Lin’s case, but he couldn’t understand the sign language interpreter. Apparently, Mr. Lin can only read signs in Mandarin, so Rebecca had to put the court on recess again until they can find the right people for this case.

While she was packing her bags for the weekend with Gary, Michelle remarked that it looked like she undersold her real relationship with him.

Michelle: I think you need to just admit it — you’re in a relationship. It’s not a big deal, I get it. He’s cute!

Rebecca still insisted that they are not in a relationship. But during the weekend with Gary, Rebecca felt a different vibe. The clerk greeted them as Dr. and Mrs., they were booked for an anniversary package (this was a gift to Gary), and there were couples everywhere. During dinner, Rebecca freaked out when the waiter suggested they share their dessert platter for two.

Rebecca: We don’t share dessert. We’re not there yet. You should order your own dessert as a separate person.

Needless to say, the weekend did not go well. Rebecca left Gary.

At the bar, Tedward wondered why Rebecca wasn’t in a party mood, so she told them what happened with Gary.

Rebecca: I think he wants to have a relationship. I just want to have fun. Feelings sicken me.

But Gary has not actually talked to her about it, so Michelle and Tedward suggested to discuss this with him and find out if they are on the same page. Michelle also implied that it was clear Rebecca really liked Gary.

It was back in court the next day, and finally, they found out why Mr. Lin was stealing shoes. He wasn’t. He was there to offer shoeshine services. However, nobody understood him. People thought that he was homeless and that he was stealing shoes. Judge Wright dismissed the case and had Mr. Lin sign a business permit. His first customer? Judge Wright. She had tons of shoes in her chambers.

Meanwhile, Tedward had wanted Judge Hernandez (Miguel Sandoval) to update for his portrait on the court’s wall. The judge still had a 30-year-old photo of himself, and he intended to have the court use this until his retirement. But Tedward insisted that this must be updated, as the judge needed to get on with the times.

Judge Hernandez became conscious of his upcoming photo op so he asked Tedward for style tips. When Tedward saw him the next day, he changed the way he dressed and even dyed his hair himself. It was done badly. The staff at the courthouse were shocked to see this new look.

Talking to Judge Hernandez later, Tedward realized that the judge didn’t like having his picture updated because this would be the photo they would use when he died. The one on the wall reminded him of when he was still young. Tedward convinced him that he looked better now.

Tedward: You look like a judge who demands the best from everybody that walks through those doors; somebody who lets everyone know they deserve justice.

Later, Gary and Rebecca talked. She apologized using bad metaphors about being out in a cage and running on tall grass. Gary dropped to his knees and then asked her something.

Gary: Rebecca Gary Wright, will you never, ever marry me?

He went on to say that he’s not thinking about the future. They should just have fun. Later, they made a toast to this 100 percent commitment to noncommitment. It was the perfect arrangement!

And that's what happened on “Bad Judge” Season 1 Episode 7 “Communication Breakdown,” which aired on Thursday, Nov. 13, 2014, at 9:00 p.m. on NBC. Check out the video highlight of the episode below.

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