Bad Judge Recap: Judge and Jury [WATCH VIDEO]

By Rachel Cruz | 3 years ago
Bad Judge Recap: Judge and Jury [WATCH VIDEO]
Kate Walsh at the 2011 Voice Awards.

Bad Judge” Season 1 Episode 5 “Judge and Jury” aired on Thursday, Oct. 30, 2014, at 9:00 p.m. on NBC. Rebecca Wright’s jury duty may get in the way of a really important bar competition. Read on to find out what she did in this episode in the recap below.

While having their lunch break, Rebecca (Kate Walsh) and Tedward (Tone Bell) were training for the annual Serpico Olympics, a bar game that would put them up against DA Tom (John Ducey) and his partner Jake. Gary (Ryan Hansen) saw the two really getting into their training, eating fries and drinking beer with gusto, and thought they were crazy. But get this — last year, Rebecca’s team lost, and they had to stay in jail overnight as their penalty. So this year, they vowed to reclaim the belt. Gary had to understand that this training was very important.

Just then, Tom walked in and declared that Jake was sick and may not recover in time for Serpico. He will have to find a new partner or else their team would lose by default.

Back at work, Tedward called on Rebecca for leaving her mail messy that she almost missed seeing her jury duty summons, which would have her in court by tomorrow. The schedule would get in the way of Serpico, but Rebecca was confident she would be able to get off it. Nobody likes a judge on jury duty. She can’t be both judge and jury, can she?

Sitting at jury duty the next day, and everyone was watching a video of what the court expected from its potential jurors. Guess who was in the video? A young Rebecca Wright with really bad hair!

When her mobile phone rang, one of the potential jurors chided her for breaking the rules when there were notices everywhere that said “No cell phones.” Rebecca defended that they shouldn’t take this jury duty so seriously, just as her voice on the video said that jury duty is a serious matter and that no cell phones are allowed.

Back at the bar, Tom was growing desperate for a new partner for the competition. Would Gary be interested? Nope, Gary wasn’t into it. But Judy, the court stenographer was. Would Tom take her in? Tom didn’t believe she had what it takes, but when she demonstrated she could play darts with precision, Tom thought he found a winner!

It was time for the judge to meet the potential jurors, and Rebecca thought that her judge-friend, Annie, would preside so she would get off jury duty easily. But Annie was on maternity leave and in her place was Judge Pitt, who thought Rebecca should stay put.

So she had to tell Tedward the bad news later and suggested to take Gary and start training him, just in case she will actually miss Serpico.

Tedward: One problem, Gary doesn’t believe in competition.
Rebecca: That’s why you have to teach him. You have to Mr. Miyagi him.

Rebecca still planned on getting dismissed. She would annoy the hell out of Judge Pitt’s courtroom the next day. She knew every trick in the book. But tough luck! Judge Pitt really wanted her to be in the jury, so she had no choice; she’s in.

And while Tedward tried to convince Mr. Miyagi Gary into the training, Rebecca promised that she would make sure to get elected as the jury foreman and make the deliberation swift and clean. She would finish the jury duty in no time.

Except, she wasn’t elected jury foreman. Rob, the guy who’s a stickler for rules, was picked. She was also the reason for the delay in the deliberation.

The case was of a young man who got caught hiring a hooker. While everyone thought he was guilty, Rebecca wanted to acquit him, sighting that the defendant didn’t commit a crime. He made a stupid mistake. Sending him to jail would be counterproductive. Rob, the jury foreman, declared that they will have to stay in deliberation until the kid gets off the hook. Their decision should be unanimous.

This meant, however, that Rebecca would really have to miss the Serpico Olympics, and Gary was still not participating. But when Judy taunted him, he realized he should not back down. Wearing Rebecca’s tight and sexy red shirt, Gary was game for Serpico, and it was good thing then because their team ended up beating Tom and Judy!

Back in the deliberation, the jury was having a hard time coming up with one decision. Rebecca and Rob were particularly at each other.

Rebecca: Look, according to you, you broke the law, you’re guilty, period. According to me, you’re bit of a tool, but you’re not a criminal yet.

Rebecca managed to convince everyone in the jury with this reasoning, and so the deliberation was done. Moreover, she made it to the bar in time to celebrate Tedward and Gary’s win.

There you have it for the recap on “Bad Judge” Season 1 Episode 5 “Judge and Jury,” which aired on Thursday, Oct. 30, 2014, at 9:00 p.m. on NBC. Check out the highlight to the episode in the video below.

There’s bad news for fans of this series, though, as the show has been officially canceled by NBC. The remaining eight episodes will still be aired on its time slot until January, so we will still be providing updates about the series here on Movie News Guide (MNG) until then.

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