Badminton Players Kicked Out of Olympics

By admin | 6 years ago

Eight women badminton players have been disqualified from competing in the Olympics for trying to throw their matches on Tuesday. The announcement was made by the Badminton World Federation following a disciplinary hearing.

Players from Indonesia, South Korea and China were accused by officials of playing to lose their matches so they could face opponents who were easier in upcoming matches. Their actions drew warnings from the match officials and boos from the fans in attendance.

All of the four pairs were charged with not trying their best to be victorious and demeaning or abusing the sport. The decision was appealed by the players from South Korea and Indonesia, said the BWF and later on Wednesday, a decision regarding their appeal will be made.

The charges stemmed from two contests that angered the crowds watching them, as the doubles pairs appeared to serve into the net purposely. All eight of the players involved had qualified for the upcoming quarterfinals prior to the final group stage matches on Tuesday night.

People who attended the Olympics on Wednesday called the player’s actions shocking after watching some of the action on television. Fans said it was disappointing for those who went to see the matches, leaving a sour taste in the mouths of many, said one fan.

Because of the disqualifications, the no.1 pair in the world from Chian Yu Yang and Wang Xiaoli will not be in the competition. The Chinese delegation said they were conducting their own investigation into the matter. They said they always advocate that their athletes carry on the Olympic spirit of competition throughout the Games.

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