Bain Connection in Dark Knight Rises

By admin | 6 years ago

Mitt Romney has been receiving criticisms with regards to his tenure as head of Bain Capital and his refusal to release his tax returns. Now people are saying that the new Dark Knight movie has links to Romney’s former private equity firm.
 Dark Knight Rises

Dark Knight Rises, which is set to open on Friday, features themes of greed, corruption, and an epic final battle that will define the future. Bane is the villain of the movie played by Tom Hardy. He fights with Batman (Christian Bale) in the finale of Christopher Nolan’s Batman trilogy.

There are people who drew a connection between Bain and Bane. Jon Stewart on Monday’s Daily Show said that it is divine intervention that the hot political story of the moment is Mitt Romney’s former venture capital firm has a similar name to the most frightening Batman villain.

Democratic strategist Chris Lehane said that it has been observed that movies reflect the national mood. He added that Bane and Bain are similar because they are both highly intelligent with offshore interests. They also have a past they want to cover up, a powerful father, and are set to pillage society.

But not everyone compare Bane to Bain. Kerry Picket of the Washington Times said that Bane resembles liberal Occupy Wall Street protesters rather than Romney. Bane released all of Gotham City’s criminals from Arkham Asylum and Batman used all his strength to round them all up. Bane represents chaos, anarchy and lawlessness.

The Dark Knight Rises tackles on the narratives that have been touched on this year, which is the increasing gap between the rich and the poor. Catwoman tells Bruce Wayne that a storm is coming in the movie’s trailer. The movie has good reviews with an average rating of 86 percent in Rotten Tomatoes. One critic said that the most stunning thing about the movie is how depressing most of it is.

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