Barron Hilton accuses Lindsay Lohan of attack

By admin | 4 years ago

Paris Hilton’s brother, Barron Hilton was allegedly beaten at Miami mansion on Friday, and the victim of an assault believes that Lindsay Lohan was behind that attack.

TMZ reports that Barron attended a party at the Miami mansion on Thursday night where Lohan had also been staying for the Art Basel festival.

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According to an unconfirmed report, Barron is said to be dissing Lohan Lindsay behind her back, and then he was allegedly beaten up shortly thereafter.

The male Hilton is said to have informed police claiming that he had been approached by the actress, who purportedly yelled at him for talking “sh*t” about her and then had a male companion who physically attacked him.

Barron goes so far as to say that he saw Lindsay laughing and encouraging the attacker.

However, Lindsay’s father Michael Lohan says that his daughter has nothing to do with the attack and she wasn’t even at the mansion when this incident took place.

The identity of the alleged attacker hasn’t been revealed, and cops also didn’t make any arrests yet.

Source: Daily Mail

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