Bates Motel Recap: Season 2 Episode 6 Plunge [WATCH VIDEO]

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Bates Motel Recap: Season 2 Episode 6 Plunge [WATCH VIDEO]
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“Bates Motel” Season 2 Episode 6 “Plunge” aired on Monday, April 7, 2014, at 10 p.m. on A&E. Great news for the fans because “Bates Motel” will be renewed for Season 3! Unfortunately, things around the town of White Pine Bay are getting worse– including Norman (Freddie Highmore). Read on to find out more about the recap of this week’s episode “Bates Motel” Season 2 Episode 6 “Plunge.”

“Bates Motel” Season 2 Episode 6 “Plunge” Recap:

This week’s episode literally took the “plunge” as events continue to escalate regarding the major characters. Hollywood News Daily and TV Equals have the detailed news on what happened in this week’s serving of “Bates Motel” Season 2 Episode 6 “Plunge.”

Norman and Cody (Paloma Kwiatkowski) continued their relationship but, that doesn’t mean that Norma approved of the new girl in her son’s life. She lashed it all out on Norman that drinking would not do anything good for his upcoming driving test. Good thing for her over-the-top maternal instincts because Norman and alcohol doesn’t really mix well.

After getting caught in a shootout, Dylan (Max Thieriot) is finally getting out of the hospital and Zane’s enigmatic sister Jodi (Kathleen Robertson) was there to fetch him. Together, they went to a secluded area where Jodi told him to stay low for a while. It seems that Jodi is prepping him as the replacement for her “stupid” brother. And yes, they made love after that.

In the previous episode, Lee Berman (Robert Moloney) is dead and Norma started to get suspicious with her “working” relationship with Nick Ford (Michael O’Neill). On the other hand, her pushy friend Christine (Rebecca Creskoff) dropped by (again!) at the motel. She told  her to run for the vacant city council seat. She also encouraged her that George (Michael Vartan) can help her with the campaign.

Her new boarder, Sheriff Romero (Nestor Carbonell) told her that she will not win because of the “politics.” To her surprise , she was told by the Mayor that she’s accepted for the position due to the “good words” given by Ford.

Cody visited the motel to get Norman and Norma warns her about Norman and alcohol. Unfortunately, Cody didn’t heed Norma’s pleas to stop Norman from drinking due to “medical” reasons. The young couple heads to her house to get some booze for later. For some unknown reason, he starts to get a flashback inside the closet where they hid from her father.

Emma and Gunner decided to hang out with Norma and Cody despite the awkward air. The boys were already having fun jumping off a cliff until the Emma episode. Her courageous feat was short-lived when she was unable to breathe underwater. Later that day, Cody apologized to Emma about the incident. Then, both ladies talked about Norman and how can they help him.

Norma accompanies Norman at his driving test as Emma called her about her son’s frequent blackouts. Norma panicked and told the instructor about it. In the end, the instructor told him that he cannot apply for a license with his current state. On their way home, Norman started a scene where he told her mother to back off because “he’s not a little boy.”

A furious Norman went to Cody’s house to confront about his “dark secret” but it was her angry father, who woke up. The abusive father began choking Cody violently. It seems that when Norman is around, someone is bound to get killed. In this episode, it was Cody’s father after Norman pushed him off the stairs.

“Bates Motel” Season 2 Episode 6 “Plunge” was directed by Ed Bianchi and written by Kerry Ehrin. After “Plunge,” “Bates Motel” Season 2 Episode 7 “Presumed Innocent” is set to be aired on April 14, 2014.

And that’s it for this week’s “Bates Motel” Season 2 Episode recap! “Bates Motel” Season 2 Episode 6 “Plunge” aired on Monday, April 7, 2014, at 10 p.m. on A&E. Watch out for news about “Bates Motel” including more recaps and spoilers, only here at Movie News Guide (MNG).

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