Batgirl: Actresses That Could Play Batgirl In Solo Movie

By Anshul Hardikar | 2 years ago
Batgirl: Actresses That Could Play Batgirl In Solo Movie
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Batgirl is also coming to DCEU and thanks to Joss Whedon, she will be starring in her solo movie. Fan-casts have started to speculate which actress will be perfect for the role and some of the choices are clear winners.

Given that there are so many amazing choices that can play the role, here are some who are touted to play the role of Batgirl.

Emma Stone

Emma won a Best Actress Oscar this year for La La Land and Batgirl could be just the right kind of role for her to take on next. J.K. Simmons is playing Commissioner Gordon and with Emma working with him in the, the DC superhero movie will only serve as an opportunity for the two of them to, once again, work alongside.

A fan-art depicting her as Batgirl was released a while back and fans have not been able to get over the fact at how accurate and well-suited the Oscar winner looks in the costume.

Jena Malone

Before Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice was due for release, there were rumors that Jena Malone would play the role of Barbara Gordon. However the cut that was shown in the movie theater did not really highlight her role much.

So if the rumors of her playing Barbara were true, even to some extent, then Batgirl could be the movie where she can be introduced. As the daughter of Commissioner Gordon, she would successfully lead a double life and even have a complicated relationship with her father.

Mary Elisabeth Winstead

Screen Rant reported that Mary is another actress who could play the title role in the movie. According to the outlet, even if a particular movie does not fare well, her role is something that fans always enjoy.

Bringing a little nerd credit and performance in horror movies, she becomes one of the potential candidates for the role.

Anna Kendrick

Just some months back when Anna was promoting her movie The Accountant with Ben Affleck, there was a little gag where she wore a Robin costume during an interview.

Following that many, including The Batman star Joe Manganiello, who played as Deathstroke in the movie came out in support for her to play a Batman-verse character. At the time, the support was for the role of Robin. But given her skills and talent, Batgirl is one role she can actually play nicely in the DCEU.

Also, since she will have some kind of association with Batman in the near future, she becomes one of the strong contenders for the role.

Hailee Steinfeld

The outlet also counted Hailee’s name as one of the potential candidates for the role. According to it, if WB/DC is looking to introduce a slightly younger Batgirl, the actress would be perfect for the role.

She has been a part of movies like Pitch Perfect 2, Ender’s Game and The Edge of Seventeen. The outlet also noted that since she has played a character that has had a clashing relationship with her on-screen father, she would be able to do just that when Barbara and Commissioner Gordon clash in the movie.

Zoe Kravitz

Zoe is another actress that should be considered for the role of Batgirl. According to the outlet, she has been a part of major movies, but only has had supporting roles in it.

However, if she gets to play Batgirl in the solo movie, it could prove to be her breakout role. The outlet also noted that she has the charisma and experience with action movies before.

With so many good choices lined-up to play the role, it remains to be seen who gets chosen. Avengers director Joss Whedon is reportedly producing, directing and writing the movie.

Batgirl does not have a scheduled release date.


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