Batgirl: Everything To Know About The Character

By Anshul Hardikar | 2 years ago
Batgirl: Everything To Know About The Character
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Batgirl movie is being made in the DCEU.  Joss Whedon,Avengers: Age of Ultron director,  will also be helming this project. With another character from the Batman-verse getting a solo movie, it is important to know everything about her.

Having deep roots in the comics and in the Batman-verse in general, here is everything to know about the character.


IGN went back to the basics and stated that the character first stepped into the spotlight during the 60’s. According to the outlet, she was obviously more than just a variation of Batman whose story ended up becoming a vital addition to the Bat-family.

While there have been many versions of the character, Batgirl’s most popular alter ego has been Barbara Gordon. She is usually depicted as daughter of Commissioner Gordon and as an adopted niece in the later versions.


Much like her mentor and friend Batman, she also does not have any superpowers. However, her abilities are more enhanced and developed compared to an average human.

With a thorough knowledge of Gotham city and high expertise in Martial Arts and Combat, Gordon has been considered a valuable addition to the Bat-family.

She is also considered good in academics. She has a Ph.D. in Library Science along with Information Management, which enabled her to continue the good work as Oracle after the Joker crippled her.

Main role

While she has often popped up in the Batman-verse in supporting roles, her stint as Oracle drastically increased her importance in the DC universe and put her in a main role.

As Oracle, she acted like an information provider and was the one whose contribution ended up becoming inspirational for a lot of people. However, this stint as Oracle changed because of another continuity and she was seen donning the Batgirl suit again.

Alternate versions

Betty Kane was the very first Batgirl. She sported a self-made costume and followed her aunt Kathy Kane who was then known as Batwoman.

Gordon followed Kane and became the Batgirl everyone knows. After her stint was over, Cassandra Cain succeeded her.

Cain was trained by her predecessor in how to perfectly hone the identity of Batgirl. Also since Cain had her own martial arts skills, she too made a good Batgirl. After Cain was done, Stephanie Brown stepped in to fill the role. She remained in the role until New 52 comic series put Barbara back in the costume.


There are some contenders for Batgirl in DCEU. Many fans have come out in support of Academy Award winning actress Emma Stone. She has worked with J.K. Simmons before who will be playing Commissioner Gordon in The Batman.

Other than her, Evan Rachel Wood, Anna Kendrick, Mary Elizabeth Winstead and others have been considered worthy by many outlets to take on the role.

Solo movie

While not much details are known about the solo movie, it can be assumed that Batgirl in DCEU will have seen some years of crime-fighting making her an experienced hero.

With the Bat-family expanding slowly and steadily, other heroes can be expected to debut soon.

As far as Batgirl’s solo movie in DCEU is concerned, it would be seen just what is included from the vast comic history she has had over the years.

Batgirl does not have an official release date.


Photo source: YouTube/VariantComics


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