Batgirl Movie To Draw Inspiration From New 52 Comics; The 100 Actress Rumored To Star

By Diane Samson | 2 years ago
Batgirl Movie To Draw Inspiration From New 52 Comics; The 100 Actress Rumored To Star
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Warner Bros. is officially bringing Batgirl to the DC Extended Universe. According to reports, the studio is currently persuading Joss Whedon to helm the upcoming project and he will draw inspiration from DC’s New 52 comic book continuity. Moreover, the studio might have already chosen the actress who will play the role of the popular female hero.

Which Batgirl will Arrive in DCEU?

There have been different versions of the character in the comic book universe. The most popular, however, is Barbara Gordon, the daughter of Commissioner Gordon. Her first appearance as Batgirl happened in 1967.

According to the EW, Whedon wants to draw inspiration from DC Comics’ New 52 as a starting point. The new timeline was launched in 2011 and stars Barbara Gordon who has recovered from a spinal injury caused by a confrontation with the Joker in The Killing Joke.

In the New 52 comics written by Gail Simone, Barbara Gordon, fully recovered, continued her work at the Oracle but she remains haunted by the altercation.

Whedon will reportedly not only direct but also pen the script and produce the movie. His involvement comes as a bit of a surprise considering that he came out of the Marvel Cinematic Universe a couple of years ago. The renowned filmmaker helmed Avengers and Avengers: Age of Ultron 2012 and 2015. His resume also includes Buffy The Vampire Slayer, Angel, and Firefly.

It was not revealed how much of the New 52 comics will make it to the big screen. The report also did not mention whether Whedon will also feature The Killing Joke or, at least, make mentions of the incident in the upcoming movie. But sources assured that Whedon will take the more serious storyline from Simon rather than the social media-obsessed teen from Batgirl of Burnside.

Lindsey Morgan As Barbara Gordon?

Meanwhile, it looks like Warner Bros. has already found their Barbara Gordon. ComicBook reported that Lindsey Morgan might have already been cast for the role of Batgirl in the DCEU. The actress is best known as Raven Reyes in The CW’s teen dystopian drama The 100. 

The site pointed out that Morgan’s Twitter page has been hinting at her upcoming movie gig. On Mar. 18, the 27-year-old tweeted, “WELP. New project on the horizon AND IM MORE THAN ECSTATIC about it!!!”

But that is not all: she also retweeted a report from Variety (who broke the news) announcing the Batgirl standalone movie. While she might just be a huge fan of the character celebrating the news, lurking into her social media account would reveal that she “liked” several tweets mentioning the character and the upcoming movie.

While she also retweeted a post speculating her casting as Batgirl, the actress has not said a word about her involvement in the project. If she is, indeed, the new Barbara Gordon, fans will likely hear an announcement soon.

Whedon Saves the DCEU

Whedon’s Batgirl will be the second solo movie fronted by a female superhero. Gal Gadot blazed the trail as Diana Prince in this year’s Wonder Woman. Margot Robbie will also bring the female villains of DC Comics to the big screen in Gotham City Sirens.

While Whedon’s last movie with Marvel, Avengers: Age of Ultron, received mixed reviews, the filmmaker has a good streak when it comes to introducing strong, female characters. In 2006, he gave a speech about equality by citing a question he repeatedly encounters: “Why do you write these strong female characters?”

His response is, “Because you’re still asking me that question.”

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Photo Source: Facebook/DC Comics

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