Batman 3 to Film in New Orleans? Who Dat Bat?

By admin | 8 years ago

batman 3

What bombed-out area of the United States could producers use to film Batman 3? Howsa’ bout New Orleans!?

Batman 3, codenamed: The Caped Crusader is Back, Jack, will begin production in April. In the past director Christopher Nolan has used Chicago as a backdrop for Gotham City. No more. The threat of higher taxes looms large. So does Rahm Emmanual’s ego.

Rumors on the interwebs suggest that Nolan will be taking his crew to flood-ravaged city of New Orleans. You know, the city George W. Bush flooded because he hates black people? In truth, it’s still unknown weather Chicago will continue to be Gotham and if New Orleans will just be a backdrop for the new villain.

New Orleans was used in earlier DC productions including Jonah Hex. It was also used in Green Lantern.

Batman 3 is expected to launch July 2012.

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