Batman Appears Again in The Dark Knight Rises

By admin | 6 years ago

The third one in any trilogy is always the hardest. Ask the likes of Francis Ford Coppola and his third Godfather or David Fletcher and his third Alien. Peter Jackson was able to win with the third Lord of the Rings however; the three movies came from one book and were back to back.

The latest Batman saga, and surely the last – The Dark Knight Rises – is strikingly confident, bold and precise. As if the filmmaker always knew how the first story in 2005 through the third and most recent would turn out. What most do not know is Christopher Nolan was making it all up, as he went along.

The new movie is set eight years following the last Dark Knight. It opens Friday and shows Bruce Wayne the millionaire (Christian Bale) as his fortune starts to dwindle and his body is rocked, as he walks with a permanent limp that requires a cane. His Batmen alter ego is at large wanted for murdering Harvey Dent.

Commissioner Jim Gordon has been able to cut the crime rate way down in Gotham City and continues to tell the lie that Dent died as a hero, playing him off as a martyr to help maintain the peace. Then Bane, a terrorist known for his brutal violence appears from the depths of the city sewers and brings along an entire army.

The movie production has many new characters, which concerned many fans, who thought Nolan might have thought more was better. Michael Caine who appears as Alfred, Wayne’s faithful butler, said he knew once he read the script that the movie would be a hit and very special. He called Nolan an incredible writer, director and caster of actors. Caine said he has never encountered anyone prior to Nolan that was so talented in all three.


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