‘Batman: Arkham Knight’ Finally Gets Release Date [WATCH VIDEOS]

By Kevyn Cortez | 3 years ago
‘Batman: Arkham Knight’ Finally Gets Release Date [WATCH VIDEOS]
Batman costume from the film The Dark Knight displayed at the 2011 Comic-Con International.

Months after news of its delayed release, Rocksteady Studios has finally announced the official release date for the much anticipated addition to the Batman Arkham video game, “Batman: Arkham Knight.” Read on to learn more about this scoop.

This year marks Batman’s 75th  anniversary, and what other way to celebrate this than with a new Batman video game. “Batman: Arkham Knight” is the latest addition to the critically acclaimed “Batman: Arkham” videogame series, developed by Rocksteady Studios and released by Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment for the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One video game consoles, as well as for Microsoft windows. It is the successor to the 2013 video game “Batman: Arkham Origins” and the fourth main game in the “Batman: Arkham” series, “Batman: Arkham Asylum” (2009) and “Batman: Arkham City” (2011).

Set one year after the events of 2011’s “Batman: Arkham City,” Batman is struggling to come to terms with the death and absence of his nemesis, Joker, feeling that the pair shared a bond deeper than either could admit. With the Joker’s absence, this gives Batman’s enemies — including Penguin, Two-Face, and Harley Quinn — a chance to unite in order to kill Batman, while a new threat, the Arkham Knight, created specifically for the game by Rocksteady, surfaces.

Arkham Knight features a more massive open-world game-play, which is approximately five times the scale of the previous open-air in Arkham City. Many gadgets and gameplay elements from the previous installments return with some changes added to the combat system. Arkham Knight introduces “Fear Takedown,” where Batman can subdue up to three enemies simultaneously as long as he remains undetected; time is slowed after each take down, allowing the player to target the next enemy. Batman can now fly throughout the city using his cape. The game also introduces Batman’s car, the Batmobile, as a drivable vehicle which can be summoned to the player’s location at will while on foot, or if airborne, the car can be sent to meet Batman as he lands.

Originally set for an Oct. 14, 2014 release date, the game was delayed in order to give developer Rocksteady more time to finish the final installment for the game, with marketing manager Guy Perkins saying that the studio needed more time to “make [the game] as great as it possibly can be.” “Batman: Arkham Knight” is now slated for a June 2, 2015 release date.

Moreover, two limited collector’s edition will also be released — “Batman: Arkham Knight Limited Edition” priced at $99 and “Batman: Arkham Knight Batmobile Edition” at $200.

Both collectors’ edition will include an 80-page full color custom art book, limited edition SteelBook™, case and game disc, Limited Edition DC Comics “Batman: Arkham Knight” #0 comic book and three unique skins from the new 52 DC Comics while the former exclusively includes a Batman Memorial Statue, and the latter, a fully transformable Batmobile statue.

Meanwhile, “Lego Batman 3: Beyond Gotham” is still set to release this fall.

That’s the latest news for “Batman: Arkham Knight.” For more updates on celebrities, TV shows and upcoming movies, stay tuned here on Movie News Guide (MNG).

Official Batman: Arkham Knight Announce Trailer – “Father to Son”
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Official Batman: Arkham Knight Gameplay Trailer — “Evening the Odds”
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Official Batman: Arkham Knight — Batmobile Battle Mode Gameplay
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Official Batman: Arkham Knight — Batmobile Battle Mode Reveal
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