Batman Beyond: Actors That Can Play Batman In The Movie

By Anshul Hardikar | 2 years ago
Batman Beyond: Actors That Can Play Batman In The Movie
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Batman Beyond has proven to be a successful animation venture for DC. So if it were to be made as a live-action movie, there will be fans who would watch it. With DCEU expanding its properties, this is one movie that they might consider making.

If Batman Beyond does get made, it might need the right actor to play Batman of the future. Keeping in mind all the right choices, here is who can play Batman/Terry McGinnis in the movie.

Scott Eastwood

Scott played a soldier under Rick Flag’s command in Suicide Squad but got killed in the movie. If he were to be brought back in the DCEU, this is a role he could play.

He can portray the boyish charm and arrogance that Terry had in the series and could take on the role of Batman since he also has a superhero physique.

Jensen Ackles

Jensen voiced the character of Red Hood in Batman: Under the Red Hood. But given his personality, he can also play the role of Terry/Batman Beyond. He is slightly older for the role but going by his looks, fans will not complain if steps into Batman’s shoes.

Despite this fans would still want him to play Red Hood if the character gets included in The Batman. Other than this role, he is known for his work in Supernatural as Dean Winchester.

Dylan O’Brien

Movie Pilot stated Dylan would be perfect for the role of Batman of the future. According to the outlet he is a serious actor and going by his looks, it resembles Terry’s look closely.

As far as Terry’s humorous side is concerned, the outlet noted that Dylan’s work in The Internship portrayed his moments of comedy.

Andrew Garfield

Andrew has proven his acting skills with his role in Hacksaw Ridge. More importantly he has played Spider-Man before, which means he holds some superhero experience as compared to other candidates.

While his second outing as Spider-Man might not have been that good, he does have the looks and attitude to play a troubled high school student who loses his father and gets trained by the world’s greatest detective.

His other character of Peter almost went through the same thing with him losing his uncle and then starting a superhero journey. Also Andrew’s name has been included in many fan casts for this role as well as DC’s other role Nightwing.

It remains to be seen if Batman Beyond gets made in DCEU or not.


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