The Batman: Horrible Things Batman Has Done In His Crime Fighting Career

By Anshul Hardikar | 2 years ago
The Batman: Horrible Things Batman Has Done In His Crime Fighting Career
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The Batman will be Ben Affleck’s solo movie. With the movie being rewritten from scratch, a lot of new elements will likely be introduced. Batman is one of those heroes who has taken all measures needed to fight crime and serve justice.

While others might not approve some of his ways, it always tends to get the job done. Considering all the questionable things he has done, here are some.

Kept Contingency plans for fellow heroes

The Dark Knight is the kind of hero who, apart from serving justice, believes in being prepared at all times. When he first started collaborating with heroes, without them knowing, he kept contingency plans for them.

According to him, if any one of the heroes or the entire Justice League were to go rogue, someone, or rather something, would have to be there to tackle them. He made specific plans for each of them, which he could use if they join the bad side.

In the animated movie Justice League: Doom, Vandal Savage’s bad guys stole Batman’s contingency plans and changed them to an extent that it almost ended up killing each of the heroes except for Batman.

Impregnated Batgirl

In the future, Bruce Wayne is a lonely old man who had no one by his side. The reason for that was he had pushed everyone from the Bat-family away. Fortunately, the comics answered why the Bat-family broke up and moved on with their respective lives.

When Dick took on the identity of Nightwing and moved to Bludhaven, Bruce had an affair with his girlfriend Barbara Gordon, also known as Batgirl. This affair led to her getting pregnant.

Because of so much stress and the tension it was causing between Batman and Nightwing, she had a miscarriage and lost the baby.

Left KGBeast to Starve

KGBeast is the Russian assassin that clashed with the Dark Knight on multiple occasions. He appeared in Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice tas the guy who had kidnapped Superman’s mother.

In the comics, when KGBeast reached Gotham to assassinate a few important people, Batman intercepted him. Thankfully, the Dark Knight was able to stop him and save the day.

However, in dealing with the supervillain, Batman led him to a sewer with just one door and simply left him there to starve. While he does have a rule where he does not kill a bad guy, leaving one to starve is just an indirect way of killing him.

Sent Robin back to Orphanage

WhatCulture reported that one of the craziest things Batman has ever done is send Robin back to the orphanage. In a very old story from the 60s, Batman became obsessed with the fact that Superman had killed his parents.

When Robin tried to argue with this delusion of his, he slapped him on the face. After Robin continued to defend Superman, Batman wiped Robin’s memory and sent him back to the orphanage.

However, later on, he did find out the truth and ended up sacrificing his life to save Superman. As far as Robin is concerned, he was left haunted by the fact that he could not remember the last few months of his life.

Chose an unworthy successor

The outlet also spoke about a time when Bruce Wayne was not in the right state of mind. With him not taking up the mantle of Batman, any fan would have thought that a worthy successor like Dick Grayson would temporarily take Bruce’s place.

However, that is not what Bruce was thinking. He thought that the pressure of being Batman would be too much on Dick so instead of giving him the responsibility, he chose his newest protégé Azrael to be the Batman.

Azrael was a brainwashed assassin who chose to take on the mantle but after some time started losing his mental state. In a dangerous state of mind like this, he ended up murdering one of the villains, which made Bruce take up the mantle again.

When Batman was introduced in DCEU, he was this brutal, older Batman who had gone down a darker path. However, in Justice League, fans are going to see a new lighter side of him as he tries to protect the world from an incoming danger.

The Batman does not have a release date yet.


Photo source: YouTube/Warner Bros. Pictures

YouTube/Warner Bros. Pictures

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