The Batman: J.K. Simmons’ Commissioner Gordon’s Equation With The Dark Knight

By Anshul Hardikar | 2 years ago
The Batman: J.K. Simmons’ Commissioner Gordon’s Equation With The Dark Knight

The Batman will be Ben Affleck’s solo movie. With the movie’s script being written completely from scratch, many characters’ roles might end up changing. Commissioner Gordon’s role is one that too might end up getting altered.

Considering the massive history that the two characters share, his equation with Batman will be one of the key things fans will be looking for in the movie. Keeping in mind their history, here are some aspects of Gordon’s equation with Batman.


While Commissioner Gordon has been known as Batman’s oldest friends, sometimes he does have to think from the position he is in. When it comes to other cops or top officers, he has to show that there is a vivid cop-vigilante drama going on between him and Batman.

Since Batman tends to act outside of law, Gordon still has to time and again remind what law is to the Dark Knight. This equation should be in the movie as it puts Gordon as a much more interesting character.

Partner in crime

When the cops are done with their job, it is Gordon who seeks out his friend and looks up to him to solve the case. At times there have been instances when Gordon has stepped out of law and helped Batman take down an enemy by becoming his field partner.

This aspect of their equation will also be really good to see mainly because Batman will have a backup in the form of the commissioner.

Old Friends

Batman and Gordon have been working together for years now. With DCEU having an older Batman, it is automatically understood that their friendship will go long back.

With Gordon all set to appear in a small scene in Justice League, their friendship outside their respective duties will be fascinating to see. Back in the comics when both of them retired, they hung out quite often as friends.

Batman’s source

Gordon has always been kind of Batman’s source in the law. Whenever the dark knight has not been able to find a proof or has needed a little help, Gordon has always tipped him off.

Whether it is evidence found from the crime scene or something rare that the cops have not been able to decipher, Gordon has always given it forward to Batman. Also tipping him off on some confidential information, it is Gordon’s help that has proven very effective for Batman. reported that J.K. Simmons is not sure when his character Commissioner Gordon will pop up next after Justice League. The Justice League star also stated that his part in the film is more of an introduction and is very small.

The Batman does not have a release date yet.


Photo source: Facebook/Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice

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