The Batman: Josh Gad Drops A Major Hint About Playing Penguin

By Anshul Hardikar | 1 year ago
The Batman: Josh Gad Drops A Major Hint About Playing Penguin
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Josh Gad has been steadily hinting that he could be involved with the movie and with the DCEU.

For some time now he has been hinting that he could play the role of Penguin in The Batman. But this time his latest hint is giving a much clearer picture.

Josh Gad’s hint reported that Gad dropped the biggest hint yet about him playing Penguin in DCEU. He can be seen standing with DC Chief Creative Officer Geoff Johns and Warner Bros. Executive Vice President Jon Berg.

He is also holding a Batman comic book with Penguin on the cover. The picture that was posted on the actor’s Twitter account was taken at DC Comics’ office.

Even though the actor has added the caption “Nothing to see here,” it more or less confirms that fans will see the actor play Penguin in near future.

Previous hint

This is not the first hint that Gad has dropped about playing Penguin. Just some time back, he posted a solo picture of Penguin without a caption. That picture was enough for fans to start speculating about his involvement.

There was an update about Gotham City Sirens at the time, which made fans believe that he could be playing a villain in that. But following a report that Reaves is looking to add multiple villains in The Batman, speculations pointed toward that movie.

If he is indeed one of the villains in The Batman, it would be interesting to see how he gets introduced in the film. He could possibly be the villain who hires Deathstroke to go after Batman.


Penguin’s real name is Oswald Cobblepot. In the comic books, he is shown as a short man who is famous for having a beaked nose. He was also bullied as a child, which led to him finding friendship with the birds his mother owned.

One of the origin stories states that because he was bullied a lot, he moved to the life of crime. This origin story was also changed at one point of time and showed him as an outcast in a very rich family.

Since he was an outcast, he was rejected by his family. This rejection is what led to him becoming a suave criminal. It should also be noted that amongst all the villains that Batman has gone up against, Cobblepot is the sanest and intellectual enemy.

He is also famous for the way he dresses and the umbrella he uses as a weapon. He is also the owner of Iceberg Lounge, this club of his has proven very helpful for Batman as he tends to find most of his answers there.

Potential projects

With Gad continuously hinting that he is playing Penguin, the main question would be in which movie would he show up? There are many movies in which he can show up but The Batman remains the most obvious choice.

Gotham City Sirens is another movie he can show up in. With Harley Quinn, Catwoman and Poison Ivy teaming up, Penguin will have multiple targets to attack.

Also since Penguin and Catwoman have been at odds in the comics, he can become the villain who wants to kill Catwoman in the movie. With Quinn and Ivy coming to her aid, he will want to kill them as well.


No official plot for The Batman has been released yet. But the movie will focus on the dark knight and his solo adventure in Gotham City. Characters like Alfred, Commissioner Gordon and Deathstroke are still expected to be in the movie.

It remains to be seen which other characters from the Batman-verse appear in the movie.


Photo source: Twitter/Josh Gad


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