What If ‘Batman : Knightfall’ was a Kick-Ass Movie in the Nolan-Verse

By Nilankur Dutta | 2 years ago
What If ‘Batman : Knightfall’ was a Kick-Ass Movie in the Nolan-Verse
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“Last House On The Left” screenwriter Adam Alleca wants to rewrite “the Dark Knight Rises.” In a radical new pitch, Alleca wants to make a Batman movie based on the “Knightfall” saga. Read on to find out more.

Adi Shankar (executive producer of “The Grey”, “Dredd”) has a new YouTube show where he presents new ideas for rebooting franchises that ‘we all love as a society’, because the world is not ready for them yet.

“What if Steven Spielberg made a  James Bond movie? What if Tarantino made a batman movie?”

This week episode kicks off with screenwriter Adam Alleca (“Last House on the Left,” “Standoff”) presents his idea for a reboot Batman. Based in the Nolan universe, Alleca pitches the idea for an alternative third movie to replace the insipid “Dark Knight Rises.” It is a story that borrows more heavily from its inspiration the ‘Knightfall’ comics of Batman. And it is amazing:

“Just imagine Robo-Batman flying down, skidding to a halt like a hunk of lead and just mowing down guys”

For those new to dc comic history, “Knightfall” (1993) follows the story of the Batsuit donned on by Batman’s assistant ‘Azrael’ after Bruce Wayne is left incapacitated by Bane. Bruce’s back got broken, just like in the movie. Of course, the mantle of the bat turns the guy into a crazy blood-thirsty vigilante unconcerned by killing, and must now be stopped by a recuperating Wayne. Those are the broad strokes, for Alleca’s awesome details watch the video. Teaser: Killer Croc makes an appearance.(via comicbook.com)

“Then he smokes Bane out of his hideout and eventually catches up to him.. The new batman has no rules or code, so Bane is defeated and is at Batman’s mercy. At the end of the second act the new Batman just executes Bane. Brutally, in cold blood…”

Adi Shankar’s “the Bootleg Universe” offers radical new takes on beloved pop-culture classic movies and you can check them out as the come out on his youtube page.

For more Batman, Azrael, and every member of the DC rogues gallery, stay tuned to Movie News Guide.

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