‘Batman’ Solo Movie: Tom Hardy Will Return as Bane; Would Like to Kill Both The Dark Knight and the Man of Steel

By Anshul Hardikar | 2 years ago
‘Batman’ Solo Movie: Tom Hardy Will Return as Bane; Would Like to Kill Both The Dark Knight and the Man of Steel

Now that the DC Extended Universe is finally taking place, there is a wide variety of movies that have been planned under it. One of the most pivotal movies in the universe is the standalone Batman movie planned. Casting for the movie is far away but we already have a candidate who would like to reprise his famous Batman villain role.

According to Venture Capital Post, Tom Hardy who played the role of Bane, back in “The Dark Knight Rises” wants to reprise the role in the planned standalone Batman movie. The standalone movie will further ahead explore Ben Affleck’s Batman’s life as the Dark Knight and the new kind of enemies he encounters in much later stage in his life.

Of course, fans expect to see other related Batman characters like Ra’s al Ghul, Robin, Nightwing or even Deathstroke to make an appearance in this movie but Hardy’s comments on reprising the role opens up another frontier altogether. “The Dark Knight Rises” star was in an interview recently when he was asked if he would like to re-appear in the DC Extended Universe to which he replied that he would absolutely love to return since he is Bane. The actor was also asked about whom he would like to defeat in a duel, Batman or Superman? His reply was rather dark. According to him, he would like to hold both of them under water and keep them there until the bubbles stop. Sounds like someone really misses playing Bane and perhaps that was the reason why he skipped on playing Col. Rick Flagg in “Suicide Squad.”

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Metro added that Bane is not interested in knowing who would win in the Batman/Superman fight; he just wants to wipe the floor with both of them. According to some reports, the standalone Batman movie might just culminate into a proper trilogy and with that happening, it would give more scope for different villains to feature in it and perhaps trouble the Dark Knight.

In Frank Miller’s comic book, one could see a much older Batman/Bruce Wayne still running the ropes. It was despite the fact that it was getting really difficult for him to catch up with the old age. Another integral part of the comic book “Sons of Batman” will also be able to make a nice adaptation for the silver screen but it remains to be seen which story will the makers adapt.

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