Batman v Captain America: Who’s a Better Samaritan?

By Anshul Hardikar | 2 years ago
Batman v Captain America: Who’s a Better Samaritan?

One is a Billionaire and the other son of poor Irish immigrants, but both of them over time have proven their nobility and commitment towards protecting others and serving justice. In one of the most popular face-offs, we will try to figure out who will come out on top as a better hero if they were put in a messy situation or if they were pitted against each other.

According to Clevver Movies, the debate started with Batman’s side led by Erin Robinson stating that Batman himself represents vengeance. With the superior intelligence and level of brilliance he works at, made Superman believe that Batman is the most powerful man in the world. Captain America’s side led by Flitz accepted the fact that even though the Super soldier might not be as intellectual as Batman is. However, he still is a brilliant military strategist, who can think and see faster as compared to his enemies. He even rescued trapped American soldiers from a Nazi Camp during the Second World War.

On being asked as to how did the super soldier get himself frozen in ice if he is that powerful, Flitz mentioned that Captain is in his physical peak because he can run a mile in just about 73 seconds and bench press 1200 pounds. When it came upon Batman’s strength, Erin revealed that the Dark Knight has mastered over 127 different forms of martial arts, which won’t make the Super soldier a problem for him.

Taunting at the strength of Batman, Flitz pointed that one incident which haunts every Batman fan even today. Bane breaking Batman’s back was the worse thing that has ever happened to the Dark Knight after his parents’ death. However, Erin was quick to point out that Batman resurrected himself after having to repair his spine and finishing off Bane.

The friendly argument ultimately reached an end with both the sides making some valid points. It is now on the upcoming “Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice” and “Captain America: Civil War” to prove who will stand out at the box office when both the movies release next year.

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