‘Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice:’ 3 Twists that could be in the Movie

By Anshul Hardikar | 2 years ago
‘Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice:’ 3 Twists that could be in the Movie

Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice” is inching closer to it’s March release and with each passing day the excitement only keeps on increasing. Now I don’t want to talk about any spoilers from the movie, but what if the movie has some surprising twists that will genuinely shock anyone? Here are 3 twists that could be in the movie:


  1. 1. Since everyone is assuming that Doomsday is the other villain who the holy trinity is fighting, lets just talk a little about the character itself. As we’ve seen in the trailer, Lex Luthor was in possession of General Zod’s body and, according to popular belief, General Zod’s DNA will be altered and he will be the one changing into Doomsday but what if some other Kryptonian was to change? What if somehow Lex manages to manipulate Superman and injects him with a DNA altering serum and he turns into the monster? Remember the scene where Lex moves his hand on Superman’s head and the Man of Steel is apparently on his knees? The transformation could take place after this scene. If this does happen then Batman will have to find a cure to transform Superman back while Wonder Woman would fight the monster.
  2. 2. Second one is also about Doomsday, but minus the Superman theory. According to What Culture, once General Zod does turn into Doomsday what if he kills someone Superman really loves? General Zod kept on saying that he will bring destruction upon Superman’s adoptive planet only before getting his neck snapped by the Man of Steel. Keeping this in mind, what if Zod/Doomsday kills Lois Lane or probably Martha Kent? One might think Doomsday was just a monster who only knew destruction so how exactly would he know who Superman’s close associates are? Since Zod is being transformed into Doomsday maybe some part of his consciousness will be kept intact, which will help him remember the people who are close to Superman. This way he could do some serious damage.
  3. 3. Finally, what if Bruce Wayne and Lex Luthor are working together to bring down Superman. The reason why Bruce would collaborate with Lex is because he doesn’t trust Superman and wants to keep a check on him. This alliance will definitely break when Bruce finds out about Lex’s real intentions about Superman. Agreed Bruce doesn’t like Superman and wants to destroy him but certainly he wouldn’t want to kill him like Lex does.


Cinema Blend added Ben Affleck comments about what if Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice fails to perform at the box office? According to Affleck, there’s a lot of pressure for sure and being completely honest he stated that it would be extremely disappointing if the movie didn’t perform well at the box office.

With what we’ve seen “Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice” will surely have a huge impact at the box office when it releases next year on March 25th.

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