‘Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice’: What Do the Elders Think About It?

By Anshul Hardikar | 2 years ago
‘Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice’: What Do the Elders Think About It?

Everyone at some point of time in their lives has been familiar with superheroes. Especially if superheroes who have been existing since the 30’s, then there’s a strong chance most of us must have acquainted ourselves with the superhero stories. For the newer generation, most of the times it’s the movies and rare comics, however there have been fans of the characters who recounted their times with the superheroes after having watched the “Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice” comic-con trailer.

According to Entertainment Weekly, one YouTube channel called Fine Brothers Entertainment specializes in recording certain age groups reactions to current trending topics. The channel from time to time has picked up different topics and the reactions have been hilarious. This time it was “Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice” comic-con trailer that was seeking a response from the elders.

You will probably think that elders might not be the best choice to respond to the latest trailer. However, one will have to wait to see what our elders share and think about the trailer. From all the elders who were chosen to view and give their response for the trailer, a couple of them seemed to be “Superman” fans and believed that “Batman” stands no chance against the Man of Steel. Fans of the “Dark Knight,” on the other hand, surprisingly asked if Batman was bad in the movie.

On being asked if they like this idea of putting both Superman and Batman in the same movie, they mentioned that first of all it was confusing. They even don’t know why both the heroes would be put in the same movie. Secondly, they looked concerned because they believed that superheroes don’t fight each other.

On the looks of both the superheroes, elders unanimously praised how Christopher Reeve used to look like as Superman or how attractive the Batman costume was back in the day when the television series used to air. Lastly on being asked what was their primary source of information on these characters, they promptly replied comic books.

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