‘Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice:’ Reason Why Wonder Woman Will Fight Doomsday

By Anshul Hardikar | 2 years ago

With each passing day, Doomsday just seems to gain more and more weightage as one of the major villains in “Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice.” There have been lots of rumors and reports as to what extent could the monster prove to be harmful. However, there’s one such rumor which is just too difficult to ignore. Wonder Woman’s fight with the monster. Recent updates drops hints as to why would the Amazonian Princess fight the monster, besides the obvious reason.

According to Movie Pilot, despite the fact that Lex Luthor is the main villain in the movie, he might need someone more powerful if he has to gain the upper hand against Superman. For the same reason he will create Doomsday from Zod’s corpse, however, the motive of creating Doomsday will change once the monster is actually created. Lex does not come across as a guy who would want to destroy the world if he wants to rule it, but Doomsday exactly is that. Maybe after Lex creates Doomsday, the monster will go out of hand and with Batman and Superman fighting each other, Diana will have no choice but to embrace her real identity and stop the monster.

Second theory suggests that Lex will accidentally create Doomsday and not intentionally. Even in that case, Doomsday will more or less be untamable and will go on his own vendetta to destroy the world, provoking Diana to become Wonder Woman.

Third theory delves more into Diana’s character calling her a double agent. If you observe closely, she has been seen around LexCorp’s offices and near Ben Affleck’s Bruce Wayne a lot. Maybe she is working for Lex Luthor and gathering information on both LexCorp and Wayne Enterprise. At the right time when she comes to know about Lex Luthor’s intentions of creating something out of Zod’s body to destroy Superman, she will blow her cover and fight the monster in a bid to save the world. Batman and Superman will of course join her since synopsis of the movie suggests that a grave danger posing threat to humanity will lead to heroes joining forces and saving the world.

“Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice” will hit the screens on March 23rd.

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