‘Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice’ Second Trailer Released! They are Indeed Fighting Doomsday [WATCH]

By Anshul Hardikar | 2 years ago
‘Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice’ Second Trailer Released! They are Indeed Fighting Doomsday [WATCH]

Finally the wait is officially over. We now know who the holy trinity of DC will be fighting and it is indeed Doomsday. Though this Doomsday might remind you of other popular monsters, the trailer is so dark and brilliant that it will leave you howling in excitement.

The trailer starts with Bruce Wayne pulling over at an event when Clark Kent asks another reporter about who that man is who is garnering everyone’s attention? We first witness the two warring parties when Bruce is seen walking into the event and is interrupted by Clark for some questions. Referring to Batman as a bat-vigilante, Clark does set off a huge bomb because his alter ego gets referred to as a “freak dressed like clown,” indirectly. Clark perhaps takes it personally, but I am sure that reference was addressed to the Joker. Lex swings in and breaks the unspoken displeasure between the two.


Next, we see Alfred trying to persuade Bruce to not go to war with the Man of Steel who in turn refers to him as the “son of a b****” who brought the war to them. A little footage from Superman and Zod’s fight has been included in the trailer, which refers to what Bruce is saying. Immediately, following this is the epic war between the two DC titans that undoubtedly is the central soul of the movie.

As Lex continues with his delightful commentary, he is easily exposed as the person responsible for both the heroes fighting. One can only imagine what Batman and Superman will do to him once they find out that Lex was the one who put them to fight. Batman in his much legendary voice tells Superman that its time for him to learn what it means to be a man. Superman though unwilling to fight continues to avoid it while asking Batman to stay down.

Finally, there is the moment everyone has been waiting for! We see the first glimpse of Doomsday smashing his way out and finding Batman right in front of him. For a moment it seems like Batman is hanging by the thread but as soon as Doomsday attacks, Wonder Woman is seen shielding the Dark Knight. Superman is standing just a few steps behind her, which means he must have been late in trying to save Batman. Lucky for him, the Amazonian Princess was already there. We see the first moment where in a fraction of seconds Batman and Superman appear to be talking like friends asking each other who Wonder Woman was accompanying.


Wired added that by looking at the trailer one can only imagine what DC Extended Universe has planned for itself down the road. The Verge reported that once the beast is unleashed, the three heroes unite and its Wonder Woman’s job to lead both of them into battle. Until “Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice” releases next year on March 25th, fans will continue to drool over how amazing the new trailer is.

Watch the new trailer here:

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