‘Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice’: Superman to Have a Relationship with Lois Lane or Wonder Woman? Henry Cavill Has the Answer

By Anshul Hardikar | 2 years ago
‘Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice’: Superman to Have a Relationship with Lois Lane or Wonder Woman? Henry Cavill Has the Answer

Until this point, we are all aware that “Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice” will show the epic showdown between DC heavyweights Dark Knight and the Man of Steel. However, there are other aspects in the movie too that should not be avoided or needs our attention. Within the movie and with respect to the characters in it, if there’s anything that follows a conflict is the relationship between them. Batman and Superman have always had this mutual respect for each other, Superman and Lois Lane have always been romantically linked to each other, even Batman and Wonder Woman at one point of time shared a romantic moment between them but what about Superman’s relationship with Wonder Woman? Read on for more details.

According to Cinema Blend, the names Superman and Lois Lane has been synonymous to the most romantic couple in the comic book history. They are also known for the never ending love they have for each other. So naturally when you think about the Man of Steel’s romantic interest, there’s just one name that will enter your mind.

However in recent times, a new comic line has explored the relationship between Superman and Wonder Woman. That gets us thinking about which of the lady will the Man of Steel be romancing in “Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice?”

Fortunately, Henry Cavill who plays Superman was kind enough to weigh in on the details. According to him, it’s more of a debate since Lois is a human and Diana is a Goddess. Diana can do everything that a normal girl like Lois would do. However, the actor believes that there should be a baseline of humanity, which Lois provides in the relationship.

Apart from that the reason why Superman and Lois click is because it’s Lois who keeps him down to Earth. He has often been there to provide emotional support whenever he has needed it. Perhaps that is the reason why Lois was the first person to discover the identity of Superman. Sounds like Henry already is hinting at the woman he thinks is perfect for Superman.

On the other hand, International Business Times questioned that what if the Man of Steel ends up with Wonder Woman instead of Lois, that might just leave Batman sulking since he has had a history with the Goddess.

Honestly, Superman will perhaps be the man who will be left sulking since Batman has always been the ladies man and even when he is Bruce Wayne, he has always been the charming one thus ending up with any woman he wants.

“Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice” will release in March next year.

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