‘Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice’ update: Lex Luthor will be different

By Anshul Hardikar | 2 years ago
‘Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice’ update: Lex Luthor will be different

Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice” is slowly opening up about the story and the characters that are involved in it. After having officially shown how Batman, Superman, and Wonder Woman’s costumes would be like in the movie, the actors too are now feeling some sense of liberty to talk about their characters as days are passing by. One of the most important character after the Dark Knight who people really want to know about is Superman’s prime nemesis Lex Luthor. Over the years, Lex has been described as a cynical genius who will stop at nothing in his attempts to kill or at least subdue the Man of Steel. With that being said fans were hoping to know more about how Lex will be in the upcoming movie. Jesse Eisenberg who has been promoting his other movie with Jason Segel spoke about his character by giving a little detail.

According to Screen Crush, Eisenberg in his latest interview with MTV News gave a little insight about how his portrayal of the villain would be different from the earlier versions portrayed by Gene Hackman and Kevin Spacey in the 80’s and 2006 respectively.

In the interview, Eisenberg mentioned that there is an emotional core to his version of Lex  that is present and that he is not your regular silly villain who will go out of his way to destroy his nemesis. It all boils down to a psychological perspective with this one. He has a reason for what he is doing. Of all the story and that data that has been accumulated on the movie, Ben Affleck’s Bruce Wayne will have an association with the actor’s Lex Luthor. Since Superman’s image is not what is usually is, Lex would not mind helping Batman with some advice on the kind of technology that he can use (not that Batman needs any help, but two is better than one). In the trailer too, Batman can be seen holding a stick with a green substance shining on top of it. Perhaps it can be kryptonite that both Lexcorp and Wayne Industries discover as the Kryptonian’s weakness and that is what Batman decides to use. We will keep you updated as soon as more is known on the matter.

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