‘Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice’: Zack Snyder Teases Brainiac

By Anshul Hardikar | 3 years ago
‘Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice’: Zack Snyder Teases Brainiac

Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice” will be making its presence felt at this year’s Comic-Con. Undoubtedly fans can expect perhaps a new footage from the movie or some more insights into one of the most awaited battle between the two superheroes. Zack Snyder in an interview had given his thoughts on the villains he had considered for “Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice” and the reasons why he didn’t choose them. Read on.

According to Screen Crush, Zack Snyder via Comic Book Movie revealed that he had some options regarding who could serve as the perfect villain in the upcoming mega venture. Amongst the villains that were considered for the movie were Metallo or Brainiac.

It is being reported that one of them amongst the two would be chosen as the villain. Looks like Brainiac was considered the better option amongst the two since Snyder spoke more about Brainiac. About the extraterrestrial android, he said that the idea had to be dropped since “Man of Steel” already dealt with an alien villain and bringing in another villain, not from Earth would not be a good idea.

But, Snyder did mention that Brainiac was definitely down the road. It means that a possibility of seeing the android villain has not really vanished. With Chris Terrio already completing the script for the first part of “Justice League” and the director expressing his views on Brainiac, it seems like the rumors about the android appearing as the principle villain in “Justice League” could be a possibility.

“Justice League” is still far away but for the time being, “Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice” has been constantly keeping everyone attention focused towards it.

In Entertainment Weekly’s Comic-Con issue, some details about specific scenes were discussed.

Amongst the scenes that were in the discussion included Bruce Wayne’s talk with Alfred. It was before going head on with Superman and his moral dilemmas of facing him. A scene will show Bruce as he explains to Alfred about his motivation to fight.

“Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice” will premiere on Mar. 23, 2015.

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