The Batman: Villains That Could Get Included In The New Script

By Anshul Hardikar | 2 years ago
The Batman: Villains That Could Get Included In The New Script
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The Batman is the most talked about DC project and mainly because of the delays surrounding it. With the latest update revealing that it could be getting a re-write from scratch, there is a possibility that a new villain too could be seen in the movie.

In addition to this Joe’s uncertainty about playing Deathstroke only adds more fuel to the fire that director Matt Reaves who now has full creative control will bring a more classic Batman villain in the story. Keeping in mind all Batman villains that exist, here are some who could get included in the new script.

The Joker

When Jared Leto’s Joker was first introduced in the DCEU, many fans thought he would have a strong connection with the Batman. Surprisingly Batman’s most legendary enemy has not had too much of an interaction with the Dark Knight.

Keeping in mind their equation, Reaves might choose the Joker as the main villain of the movie. Also since in the DCEU, it is Joker who presumably killed Jason Todd, it would only deepen Batman’s conflict with him.

Jason Todd/Red Hood

Since a dead Jason Todd has been discussed multiple times, he could be the other villain that could be in the movie. When details about The Batman was first discussed, many fans pitched the idea of getting to see a dead Jason Todd getting resurrected and returning as Red Hood in the movie.

Considering the death of Jason has deeply affected Batman in the DCEU, having him would bring a turning point in the Batman-verse itself.

Ra’s Al Ghul

Earlier it was clarified that Batman’s mentor and supervillain Ra’s Al Ghul will not be in the movie. But now with the script getting re-written, Ra’s could appear in a post-credits scene and the scene could set up a future appearance for the supervillain.

Ra’s, the leader of League of Assassins once saw Batman as his successor. But because of ideological differences between the two, the latter did not see himself joining Ra’s forces and becoming an assassin.


Harvey Dent/Two-Face is another villain that can pull Batman’s emotional strings. Formerly Gotham city’s DA, a freak accident pulled him toward the life of a criminal. He has clashed with Batman multiple times and the number of times Batman has tried to find his friend Harvey, the more deep his conflict with Two-Face has become.

Slash Film reported that The Batman will have a new script written from scratch and will also get delayed. According to the outlet, director Matt Reaves has a pre-existing commitment with another project, which means production on the movie will only begin next year. It remains to be seen which villain or villains end up in the solo Batman movie.

The Batman does not have an official release date.


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