Battle Creek Recap: Old Wounds

By Kitin Miranda | 3 years ago
Battle Creek Recap: Old Wounds

Battle Creek” Season 1 Episode 8 “Old Wounds” aired last Sunday, Apr. 26, 2015 at 10:00 p.m. on CBS. In this episode, FBI Special Agent Milton “Milt” Chamberlain (Josh Duhamel), upon Danny Brackish’s request, reopened the investigation into his parents’ death, which reopened old wounds for him and his adoptive mother, Commander Kim Guczieaz. Meanwhile, Detective Erin Jacocks (Liza Lapira) and Detective Fontanelle “Font” White (Kal Penn) discovered Holly Dale’s (Aubrey Dollar) criminal past after running a background check on her new boyfriend. Read on to learn more about this episode.

The episode opened with a young boy being told to hide in a closet by his mother. A few minutes later, his mother and father were shot in front of him.

The very next morning, Danny Brackish (Rotimi Akinosho), Commander Kim Guziewicz’s (Janet McTeer) adopted son, asked  FBI Special Agent Milton “Milt” Chamberlain (Josh Duhamel) to reopen the investigation regarding his parents’ murder. It was because he had encountered a man, Clarence Telfair (Glenn Plummer), who said that he had been arrested and could have gotten out on parole if he confessed and showed remorse for the murders, but he couldn’t as he wasn’t the one who had killed them.

Milt then talked to Clarence. He told them that a man called Prelude Pete could corroborate the story. He had been buying his drugs outside the motel when he heard gunshots from Danny’s parents’ motel room. Afterwards, Milt paid a visit to Councilman Pritchett (Michael O’Neill). He had been the commander at that time. He then told Milt that the victims had owed Clarence money and that Clarence carried the same gun whose bullets matched the ones that were found at the crime scene. Also, Milt realized that Danny had only identified Clarence as the murderer as he had been led on.

Afterwards, Guziewicz told Milt to stop looking into it, but he told her that she wasn’t his commanding officer. Because of that, she paid Danny a visit, who told him that he believed that if he learned more about his parents, that he wouldn’t continue being a drug addict, as he had been led to believe that his parents were addicts as well.

Back at the office, Detective Erin Jacocks (Liza Lapira) enlisted the help of Detective Fontanelle “Font” White (Kal Penn) to run a background check on Holly Dale’s (Aubrey Dollar) new boyfriend who had just invited her on a five day cruise to Jamaica. However, they discovered that Holly had a sealed juvenile record as she had beat up a classmate of hers with a baseball bat after one of her friends had disappeared for a week after going off with that particular male classmate after a party.

Meanwhile, Milt and Detective Russell “Russ” Agnew (Dean Winters) discovered that Prelude Pete had overdosed back in 2002.

Afterwards, the two paid a visit to the motel that was still owned by Aadi Patel (Anjul Nigam). He insisted that Clarence had been the murderer. He told them that he had given Rosalee Barckish (Jordyn Barbar) a job as a maid as she and her family were trying to get out of a drug induced lifestyle. However, his wife insisted that a young border, Eli Cunningham might have been the killer.

After Pritchett insulted Russ at the precinct,  Russ became even more determined to solve the case.

Their visit to Eli then revealed that Rosalee had been getting the free rent because she had been in a sexual relationship with Patel. After bringing Patel in, they discovered that he had cheated on his wife with Rosalee, but didn’t kill her.

Because of this, Milt suggested that they put Danny under a particular process in which they would recreate what had happened that night in order to access his subconscious memories. It might give them a clue as to what really happened, and it worked as Danny told them that his mother had scratched her attacker.

After exhuming Rosalee’s body, they discovered that her killer was Devin Moore (Bokeen Woodbine), Danny’s biological father. Danny then confronted him and was told that he, Devin, had just wanted to scare Kyle Cholton (Brian Epps) off, and told him not to expect anything from him.

Afterwards, they let Clarence go, and Prichett, who still didn’t like Russ, thanked everyone except for Russ. It led to Russ breaking Pritchett’s portrait from his office, and stepped on it.

Guziewicz then visited Danny and told him that he wasn’t who his parents were. And that he couldn’t blame genetics for becoming an addict himself. She then revealed to him that she had been an alcoholic as her father used to beat up her and her mother. She became a pill head, and told him that Danny had saved her from turning back to the bottle. Because of that, she wanted to save him, in order to return the favor. The two then reconciled with each other as they held hands.

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