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Battleship releases in the US on May 18, 2012. The film has been directed by Peter Berg and will be released by Universal Pictures. Battleship stars Taylor Kitsch, Alexander Skarsgård, Brooklyn Decker, Rihanna, and Liam Neeson.

Plot of Battleship

In the island of Hawaii, an international naval fleet at Pearl Harbor is involved in a ferocious, intense battle against an alien species, called ‘The Regents’. These aliens come to Planet Earth on a mission to create a power source in the ocean. They manage to antagonize the naval fleet who engages in a war against them. The movie shows both sides of the story, from the point of view of the humans as well as the aliens, and leaves it up to the viewer to form his or her own conclusions.

Taylor Kitsch play the role of Lt. Alex Hopper, a naval officer assigned to the USS John Paul Jones. He wishes to marry Admiral Shane’s daughter Samantha against his superiors’ wishes. Alexander Skarsgård is Stone Hopper, Hopper’s older brother, also the Commanding Officer of the USS Sampson.

Brooklyn Decker plays Samantha Shane, a physical therapist and Hopper’s girlfriend. Rihanna is Petty Officer (GM2) Cora Raikes, a weapons specialist on the USS John Paul Jones. Liam Neeson plays ISS Admiral Shane, Samantha’s father and Superior to, Hopper and Stone. Tadanobu Asano plays Nagata, Capt of JDS, Myoko.Josh Pence is Chief Moore, and Stephen Bishop plays OOD Taylor while Peter MacNicol is The Secretary of Defense. Gary Grubbs is the Air Force Chief of Staff.

The movie has been made with a budget of US $200 million and the filming began in 2010 on Australia’s Gold Coast.

However, since the government of Australia was not forthcoming with tax incentives, they decided to change the site of filming to the United States on the Hawaiian Island of Oahu and Maui. Some part of the film has been shot at Sherman Oaks in California and Playa del Rey. The music of Batlteship has been given by Steve Jablonsky while the cinematography has been done by Tobias A. Schilessler. The editing is by Colby Parker Jr. and Billy Rich.
Peter Berg, the director said, “I wanted to do a film that had a big global reach to it, and I felt that Americans fighting Russians – I didn’t feel it. That’s my next film. It’s Americans fighting Afghans, and it’s very violent and rough and brutal and real. I wanted to do one of those films where a 40-year old man can take his wife and three kids, and all five of them can have a great time. And just have a great experience, leaving their lives and problems – all this shit we have to deal with every day – far behind. Take off your critical hat, eat your popcorn, sit back, and have fun. And that was my goal. That was the driving force behind the aliens”

Pop icon Rihanna who makes her debut in the film is excited about the film and says that she is nervous about how people would perceive her. Though she has shared that she would love to do the role of Whitney Houston, if a biopic was made; she says that she is really happy with the way her character has shaped up. She says, “Rihanna is a badass weapons officer. She’s a fighter. She’s a killer. She’s not afraid of anything. She likes a challenge because she can handle it. Saying that she trained her mind to give her best shot in an unfamiliar domain, Rihanna said that she is game for more movies.

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