Baywatch Movie News and Cast Update: Plot Details Revealed

By Meghna Subhedhar | 2 years ago

The iconic TV show, ‘Baywatch,’ is going to get its own movie and Dwayne Johnson is going to star as the lead actor in the movie.

There is new information coming in about the movie that is to be based on the TV show, ‘Baywatch’. It was rumored that the “Baywatch” movie will be directed by Seth Gordon. It was also revealed that Dwayne Johnson will be playing the lead. Johnson had previously made it known that the movie has been progressing and is in the stage of finalizing the director and the plot of the movie. The plans for the “Baywatch” movie have been floating around since 2014, but very little information was revealed about the movie.

However, it was recently confirmed that the director for the movie has finally been finalized and Seth Gordon is going to direct it. Also, Dwayne Johnson will portray the character of a lifeguard and will thus play the lead aka the protagonist. Johnson’s character is supposed to save the beach before it is destroyed by an oil company.

The script is still not complete and the writers are in the process of sketching the details. Fans are speculating about the plot twists in the movie, but nobody knows what the script will precisely cover. Some have speculated that the plot will be focused on a different theme, maybe even a comedic theme, which will give the movie a different feel than the TV show. It could even be staged as an action thriller with villains. We suppose that Dwayle Johnson will like that because he is definitely skilled in that area. It could even be a natural disaster themed movie like “San Andreas.” All these ideas are mainly speculative because the script hasn’t been finalized yet.

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