Baywatch to Be Remade into a Movie

By Rachel Cruz | 3 years ago
Baywatch to Be Remade into a Movie
Wikimedia Commons/Alexandra Paul

Is the famous red swimsuit coming back? “Baywatch,” the TV series that aired from 1989 to 2001, is getting a spinoff on the big screen, albeit with some changes. Read on to know how this movie is going to play out.

According to a report published on the Telegraph, the “Baywatch” movie didn’t actually score the rights from Freemantle Media North America to produce the film and spin this off from the TV series original. As a result, some changes have to be made in order to avoid lawsuits.

For instance, the film will have no mention of “Baywatch” or make any outright references to the TV series, such as the red swimsuits. The cast will instead be called The B-Team, working undercover as CIA agents.

However, stars from the original series will be part of the film. Alexandra Paul, who have been in the TV show from the beginning, and Jaason Simmons have signed on to play themselves.

“The B Team is an action comedy with some reality thrown in. We play ourselves, so the audience might not know what is true-to-life and what is made up for the movie… Were we really agents for the US government during our heyday? The CIA has used famous people as spies before,” said Paul, as published in the Telegraph.

The actress is still trying to convince her other co-stars to join the film, saying that this is the time for them to laugh at themselves, considering that the movie will have that “Austin Powers” feel.  Both David Hasselhoff and Pamela Anderson, who gained stardom via the TV show, have not confirmed their participation. But in the earlier scripts, there were cameo roles intended for these actors.

British acting legend and comedian John Cleese will also be part of the cast of the film, playing the role of the villain Victor Van Vaught.

Chris Cottom, who is also working on a Disney animated film, will direct the “Baywatch” movie, or rather, “The B-list.” Filming will take place in Italy and Eastern Europe.

And that’s the news about “Baywatch,” which will be coming to the big screen as “The B-List.” For updates on this movie and other stories, check back to Movie News Guide (MNG) regularly.

Photo Source: Wikimedia Commons/Alexandra Paul



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