BBC Sells ‘Wolf Hall’ For Airing in Australia, Europe and US

By Rachel Cruz | 3 years ago
BBC Sells ‘Wolf Hall’ For Airing in Australia, Europe and US

Through BBC Worldwide, the period drama “Wolf Hall” will be made available for broadcasting in other parts of the world. The media company has recently announced that it has sold the series to other outlets outside of the UK. Read on for more about this news.

As reported in The Guardian and other British news outlets, BBC Worldwide was able to garner strong sales of the six-part drama series “Wolf Hall.” The show, which is based on Hilary Mantel’s novel and stars Mark Rylance and Damian Lewis, has been acquired for airing in DR in Denmark, ARTE in France and Germany, YLE in Finland, SVT in Sweden and BBC First in Australia. In the United States, the series is already set to air via PBS in April. PBS has its Masterpiece production, which is, in part, producing the series along with BBC.

BBC Worldwide has made this announcement in time for the showcase this year, which is set to take place in Liverpool from Feb. 22 to 25, 2015. During the annual event, distributors and trade experts all over the world are expected to look at the latest British TV exports. BBC holds this regularly to generate sales and interest from other outlets, with “Wolf Hall” being the media company’s banner program this year.

In fact, the Liverpool cathedral on the said event will be designed to look like the Tudor hall as it is in the series and some of the show’s stars, such as Jonathan Pryce, Colin Collender, Peter Kosminsky and Mark Gatiss, are expected to grace the showcase. They will also be joined by Peter Straughan, who translated Mantel’s novel into the small screen.

“This is a good time to be bringing a series of the quality of Wolf Hall to the market. Some good early pre-sales to big clients give an indication of the excitement around this title and we are expecting a lot of interest when we officially launch it,” said Paul Dempsey, BBC Worldwide’s president, in the report published in The Guardian.

“Wolf Hall” premiered on BBC Two in Jan. 2015 with four million in the rating. It has been hailed as the most watched original drama series for the channel in over a decade. While it has yet to be confirmed, some of the stars of the show are said to be eager to work on the second season.

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