BBC Unveils Star-studded Version of ‘God Only Knows’ 17 years after ‘Perfect Day’ [WATCH VIDEO]

By Ambika Thakur | 3 years ago
BBC Unveils Star-studded Version of ‘God Only Knows’ 17 years after ‘Perfect Day’ [WATCH VIDEO]
Elton John, English singer-songwriter and pianist, performing on stage at the Keepmoat Stadium, Doncaster, England./ Mattbr

Sir Elton John, One Direction, Kylie Minogue, Pharrell Williams Stevie Wonder, Chris Martin, Chrissie Hynde, Dave Grohl,  Sam Smith and Gareth Malone are among the eminent musicians from a wide array of genres who have collaborated on a charity version of Beach Boys hit “God Only Knows” to raise funds and for the launch of new music channel.

A new promo for BBC Music features 27  musicians singing the new rendition of The Beach Boys’ “God Only Knows.” BBC played the track simultaneously across the corporation’s TV and radio stations, such as BBC1, Radio 1, Radio 4 and the World Service, on Tuesday at 8:00 p.m., with slight delays on BBC News, Radio 3 and World News channels. According to The Guardian, this is to mark the launch of BBC Music, which is described as “an ambitious wave of new programmes, innovative partnerships and ground-breaking music initiatives that amount to the BBC’s strongest commitment to music in 30 years.”

Brian Wilson was incredibly humbled that the 1966 hit had been chosen for this purpose. The new version of the song has now been released as a single to raise money for Children In Need

“All of the artists did such a beautiful job I can’t thank them enough. I’m just honoured that God Only Knows was chosen. God Only Knows is a very special song. An extremely spiritual song and one of the best I’ve ever written,” said Wilson on The Guardian.

BBC has planned such collaborative venture to raise funds for a philanthropic purpose earlier in 1997, including David Bowie, Bono, Evan Dando, Tammy Wynette and many others. They sang Lou Reed’s “Perfect Day.”  The release of the single ruled the UK charts for three weeks, raising millions for charity.

“With the 80-piece BBC Concert Orchestra at its heart and comprising an array of iconic music stars, from a wide range of musical genres, this ‘impossible’ orchestra is a celebration of all the talent, diversity and musical passion found every single day throughout the BBC,” said Bob Shennan, the director of BBC Music.

“To make so much diversity work within one piece of music was quite a challenge. I feel like I’ve taken a 1,000-piece puzzle and just thrown it in the air. I’m standing there trying to grab them as they come down and put them into place,” added Ethan Johns, the track’s producer.

Check out the new “God Only Knows” video below and support the charity by downloading it.

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