BBC’s Sherlock Season 4 Spoilers

By Sarahlee Bertulfo | 4 years ago
BBC’s Sherlock Season 4 Spoilers
Chinatown, London. Benedict Cumberbatch during filming of Sherlock. Date 6 March 2010, 03:40 Source Flickr Author Fat Les (bellaphon) from London, UK/Wikimedia Commons

BBC’s “Sherlock” Season 3 was a success that it made Benedict Cumberbatch and Martin Freeman huge stars! Sherlock fans are anticipating the next season premiere but they will just have to wait just a bit longer since they have to coordinate their busy schedules and most likely it will take two years for them to film the next season (BBC’s “Sherlock” Season 4).  They are also focusing on quality for this next season so it might take awhile since you can’t sacrifice quality.  “Sherlock” star Martin Freeman divulged that there’s a possibility they could return with a special episode before the start of Season 4. Read on for MNG’s “Sherlock” Season 4 spoilers.

WARNING! Spoiler Alert! Read only if you want to know more about BBC’s “Sherlock” Season 4:

According to Mirror, “Sherlock” writer Mark Gatiss, has confirmed the sad news that fans of the show will have to wait for two years to watch “Sherlock” Season 4.

“Writing three films is quite a lot of work and then getting everyone together… [it’s] increasingly difficult to get everyone’s diaries to align, so we couldn’t really do more than three every couple of years I’m afraid,” said Gatiss to a fan during a Q&A session in Brazil, as published in the Mirror report.

“I mean, we’d certainly like to reduce the time, but by the time we’ve finished and then everyone starts gearing up again, it roughly takes that long,” he added.

Meanwhile, in a report from Vulture, “Sherlock” executive producer Steven Moffat has said that Molly’s (Louise Brealey) role will have a breakthrough in Season 4.

“She’s developed hugely. She wasn’t even meant to come back after her first appearance, but she worked so well. Louise Brealey was so good. The girl with the unrequited crush became the first person to make Sherlock apologize in “A Scandal in Belgravia,” and then you see it really shift around,” said Moffat in the Vulture report.
There is also a possibility that romance could blossom between Sherlock and Molly Hooper since she always had a big crush on him. Plus, the called off engagement on the finale of “Sherlock” Season 3 is paving the way for a ‘Sherlolly’ hook up.
It was implied that Moriarty could be a main character in Season 4 since the third season concluded with an astonishing twist of his return.  The season ender also highlighted Sherlock (Benedict Cumberbatch) shooting Magnussen (Lars Mikkelsen).
Another interesting story in “Sherlock” is the drug cartel of Mrs. Hudson’s late husband to add some twist in the show.
And that’s BBC’s “Sherlock” Season 4 spoilers. It’s going to be such an exciting Season 4, if not for the long wait! For more news about “Sherlock,” including updates, episode recaps and spoilers,  make sure to tune in regularly to Movie News Guide (MNG).

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