Beach Babe: Bikini-Clad Gigi Hadid Shoots For Aussie Brand ‘Seafolly’

By Subhro Prakash Ghosh | 2 years ago
Beach Babe: Bikini-Clad Gigi Hadid Shoots For Aussie Brand ‘Seafolly’
Gigi Hadid

Now American model Gigi Hadid will be featuring Australian brand “Seafolly’s” exclusive line of products. The 20-year old model, clad in vibrant tropical-print swimwear and other colorful ensembles, was looking superb in the brand’s Summer 2015 swimwear campaign. Read on.

Hadid was also captured in a banana leaf and hibiscus print popped against the black colored two-piece. She was running on Miami beach wearing a glittering diamante coated bracelet. In another picture, the bikini babe showed off a bold blue sports-style bikini with a thick black border. The exclusive designing of the swimming costumes seems to give a complete and tempting looks to the users.

Hadid is certainly the perfect model for “Seafolly” for her statuesque figure and lithe limbs. Thanks to the brand’s management teams who have rightly chosen a star who has every potential to increase the conversions of the exclusive summer collection.

“I grew up in a beach town, which I think is actually a really cool environment for self-acceptance because we are on the beach year-round,” Hadid said to Refinery29.

“I think it is cool to find what makes you feel healthy all year round. That should be your beach body. It is not about being skinny for three months out of the year,” Hadid added.

Hadid also shared her own ways of spending time. She said that she goes for silence whenever she gets time, confines herself alone, orders fries and does her own makeup.

While Hadid was asked about one of her friends whose beauty routine she would love to steal, she instantly talked about Kendall Jenner. According to her, the 19-year old Jenner is very cautious about her skin and drinks a lot of water that reduces the rate of aging.

The personal life of Hadid is the subject of headlines these days. She was spotted dating with a popular musician Joe Jonas for several times in the last month.

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Photo Source: Twitter/Seafolly Australia

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