The Normal Heart: Synopsis and Movie Review [WATCH VIDEO]

By Hannah Aven Guarin | 4 years ago
The Normal Heart: Synopsis and Movie Review [WATCH VIDEO]
El actor Mark Ruffalo en el Festival de Cine de Nueva York 2010.

“The Normal Heart” aired on HBO on Sunday, May 25, 2014. It is directed by Ryan Murphy and produced by Brad Pitt. Its cast members include Mark Ruffalo (Ned Weeks), Taylor Kitsch (Bruce Niles), Jim Parsons (Tommy Boatwright), Julia Roberts (Emma Brookner), Matt Bomer (Felix Turner), Alfred Molina (Ben Weeks) and Jonathan Groff (Craig Donner). Read on to learn more about the beat of “The Normal Heart, ”including a synopsis and movie review of it.

“The Normal Heart” Synopsis:

The film is the screen adaptation of the Tony-winning play of the same title by Larry Kramer. It is focused on HIV/AIDS awareness when everyone was still ignorant about the plague that was coming their way, which was then referred to as “gay cancer.” This is more of tracking the history of the disease, how it all began and how the society responded to it. Moreover, the film also focused on the part where the New York City Mayor Ed Koch and the Reagan administration were indifferent about the situation.

Ned considered gays who were afraid to come out as key players in aggravating the problem. He sought help from Dr. Emma Brookner and started the Gay Men’s Health Crisis. During his advocacy, he was led closer to the New York Times reporter Felix, who, like Bruce, was afraid to come out. Ned and Felix fell in love. However, Felix was inflicted with the disease. He slowly withers away as Ned watches helplessly.

Meanwhile, Jim Parsons, popular for his “Big Bang Theory” role as Sheldon Cooper, reprised his role as Tommy Boatwright. He portrayed Tommy in Broadway in 2011. In an interview with USA Today, the actor expressed how the story unfolded into something everyone is fighting for and how we are all in that fight together.

“While this is not a war movie in a literal sense, you are a group of people in battle together and every scene that you’re in with these other men and women, you are fighting for a united cause. You’re in it together,” said Parsons in the USA Today report.

Moreover, Ruffalo described his character as a prophet by trying to educate people of what is coming. However, just like the real prophets experienced in the ancient times, nobody believed him.

“He was a prophet. He saw it as an existential threat in a way that nobody else did. … He’s running from person to person trying to relate the truth of what is coming and no one wants to believe it,” stated Ruffalo in the USA Today article.


“The Normal Heart” Movie Review:

The Hollywood Reporter’s Tim Goodman praised the film for being able to raise both sides of the issue, such as the anger because of indifference and lack of action and the personal toll that the disease took.

Brian Lowry of Variety referred to the movie as big, loud, messy and emotional.

“Anchored by Mark Ruffalo’s forceful performance as Kramer’s angry alter ego, the movie is big, loud, messy and emotional — a fitting bookend to 2003’s ‘Angels in America,’” said Lowry in the Variety report.

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