The Beatles Drummer Ringo Starr Auctions His Personal Items; Proceeds Will Go To Charity

By Rosella Jane Vargas | 2 years ago
The Beatles Drummer Ringo Starr Auctions His Personal Items; Proceeds Will Go To Charity
The Beatles Drummer Ringo Starr Gathered More Than A Million From Auctioning His Personal Items; Proceeds Will Go To Charity

The Beatles shaped the music era back in the 60s, and 70s decade. Their popularity is so immense that fans are flocking to all their sold-out events. They are considered phenomenal and their music lives on up to the present generation. Other artists of the modern time continue to pay tribute to them through reviving their songs. No wonder that when the memorabilia of their drummer Ringo Starr became available to the public through an auction, it collected more than a million.

According to Fortune, the items featured are owned by him and wife Barbara Bach. The most luxurious price was offered for his original drum set. The amount reached to $1.75 M which was won by the owner of Indianapolis Colts namely Jim Irsay. The total price he paid is $2.1 M including the auction fees.


This particular item, which is the 1963 Ludwig Oyster Black Pearl three-piece drum kit, is exactly what The Beatles member used in for the recording of their hit songs such as “I Want to Hold Your Hand,” “Can’t Buy Me Love,” “She Loves You,” and other favorites, according to Rolling Stones. Starr also used it in over 200 of their events around 1963 and 1964. Its sentimental value increased when Paul McCartney used the drum set too as he recorded for his solo album in 1970.

The first item already crossed the million mark, and another one which helped boost the auction sale is Starr’s own copy of The Beatles UK edition White Album. It is labeled with the serial number A0000001, indicating this is the first published copy of the said album. The winning amount is $650k, paid for the total of $790k with the auction fees.

These are just two of more than 1,300 items up for grabs in the auction wherein the proceeds will be allocated to the Lotus Foundation that the couple established.

With the support that the auction has received, it showed The Beatles is truly timeless.

Photo Source: Ringo Starr/Facebook

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