The Beatles’ Ringo Starr To One Direction: ‘Don’t Take a Break!’

By Meghna Subhedhar | 2 years ago
The Beatles’ Ringo Starr To One Direction: ‘Don’t Take a Break!’
One Direction

One Direction has a critic. The legendary drummer from the rock icon group, The Beatles, Ringo Starr, thinks that the band should not take a hiatus as they have planned.

Every One Direction fan is lamenting the fact that their favorite band is taking a hiatus. The band had recently announced that they are taking a break. After all, they had done five albums, five tours, and a movie in five years. They definitely deserve a break. But the fans are really dissappointed that they won’t get to hear the band’s new sound this year. The fans found an unlikely supporter in the Beatles’s drummer Ringo Starr, who spoke about One Direction’s hiatus recently.

Ringo Starr said that he did not quite understand the band’s need to take a break. After all, his own band never took breaks. If they ever felt tired or bored of touring they would just hit the studios and put out a record. He therefore, felt that the scheduled hiatus that One Direction were planning was a tad unnecessary.

But many of One Direction’s friends, colleagues, and family support their decision. Their producer Julian Bunetta is very supportive. He said that the band deserved a break, having done what no other band has done before. After all, five albums in five years is considered too prolific. Bunetta said that the band had already achieved something that is incredible. He also said that the band members’ relationship was being strained by being “gone” all the time. It was high time that the band took decision to tackle their problem as individual men and not make “democratic” decisions all the time. He hoped that if they did what their hearts desired, their hearts will lead them back together again. Bunetta has also worked as a songwriter with the team and knows about the band’s problems and challenges.

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