Beautiful Creatures Movie Review

By admin | 6 years ago

Beautiful Creatures MovieBeautiful Creatures is another teenage supernatural romantic flick. Ethan Wate is a typical boy from Gatling, South Carolina. He wants to escape his hometown. He has a recurring dream of a girl with long dark hair. To his surprise, the girl suddenly shows up in his school.

Lena Duchannes is the niece of the town shut-in. There’s something strange about her but Ethan falls for her anyway. It turns out that Lena is a caster and she’s in the age where she either turns into a light or dark one. Female casters can’t pick their fate and Lena will turn to a dark caster on her 16th birthday.

Beautiful Creatures wants to be a serious drama but instead results into a silly movie. The CGI is something that needs improvement and the insights into people’s thought is too passé.

The movie features some relatively unknown main actors but gives them strong supporting cast. Alden Ehrenreich and Alice Englert have several movie credits between them and bring the couple to life. Emmy Rossum is Lena’s older cousin. Emma Thompson is Lena’s mean mother and the darkest caster. Viola Davis is a caring neighbor with secrets to hide as well. Jermey Irons is the creepy Macon or the mysterious man in white suit.

Lena is teased and ostracized in school by a group of self-righteous Christian zealots. Lena has supernatural powers that she uses to protect Ethan. The where female caster can’t choose their fate could be seen as sexist, especially when their male counterparts can pick their side.

Beautiful Creatures is not for everyone. It is made for teens or for those who enjoyed the Twilight series. It is a Southern-fried supernatural teen romantic movie that is released just in time for Valentine’s Day. It is directed and written by Richard LaGravenese.

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