Beauty and the Beast 2 Might Happen, Emma Watson Wants Belle to Have a Different Career

By Diane Samson | 1 year ago
Beauty and the Beast 2 Might Happen, Emma Watson Wants Belle to Have a Different Career
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Beauty and the Beast broke box office records worldwide when it opened in March and, unsurprisingly, there have been talks about a sequel. While Disney has not greenlighted a follow-up to the retelling of the popular fairy tale, actress Emma Watson has revealed what she wants to be the next adventure of her character Belle.

Belle’s New Career

Watson made sure that her version of the fairy tale heroine on the big screen will be an inspiration for little girls. In the live-action adaptation, Belle was not just a wide reader (the town’s only bookworm), but she was also an inventor like her father. If a sequel pushes through, Watson wants to see the character take on a different career.

At the Tribeca Film Festival, the actress talked to Access Hollywood about her own ideas about a sequel. The 27-year-old shared that she thinks Belle will use Prince Adam’s massive library to teach little girls how to read.

“I always thought that Belle would become a teacher and she would run the library in the castle and open it up to the village,” she stated. “This was where I was going.”

To recall, Belle already showed that she wants to become an educator in Beauty and the Beast. In one scene, while letting her donkey do the laundry, Belle was caught by the villagers teaching a curious little girl how to read.

However, the people rejected Belle because she does not conform to the traditional roles of women in the society. So they were not exactly happy that she was turning another girl into a someone like her.

If a sequel happens, this could be a conflict that the studio can explore. The townsfolk could disagree with the princess’ decision to educate the children, especially little girls.

Will Beauty and the Beast 2 Be Ever Made?

The Beast himself, Dan Stevens, is open to reprising the role of Prince Adam on the big screen. While at the premiere of his new movie Permission, Stevens answered whether he will reunite with Watson for a Beauty and the Beast sequel.

“That’s not a question for me,” the actor was quoted by Movie Web. “I’m not sure what turn that would take. I’m open to offers. It would seem odd for me to hear about it, but never say never.”

Of course, both Watson and Stevens have other projects to think about for now so, if a sequel is underway, it might be a long time before fans see it on the big screen. Aside from

Aside from Permission, Stevens is expected to return as David in Fox’s Legion Season 2. Meanwhile, Watson is currently doing press rounds to promote her new movie, The Circle.

Moreover, the studio still has a long list of remakes set to be released in the next five years. Mulan and Aladdin live-action movies are currently in pre-production which makes the sequel not a priority at this point.

In addition, convincing Disney to greenlight the sequel might be a difficult task. President of production Sean Bailey already stated that there currently are no plans for Beauty and the Beast 2 especially after the disappointing critical and box office performance of Alice Through The Looking Glass.

The live-action adaptation of Lewis Carroll’s popular children’s story starring Mia Wasikowska and Johnny Depp grossed $299.5 million at the global box office. Its production budget was estimated to be at $170 million.

Meanwhile, critical reception was not as impressive either. On Rotten Tomatoes, movie critics gave it an average of 30% while regular viewers gave it a 49% rating.

Beauty and the Beast has already surpassed the one billion dollar mark after spending 45 days at the box office. It is expected to continue to soar when the DVD and Blu-Ray become available for purchase around July 2017.

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