Beauty and the Beast: Deja Vu Finale Recap [WATCH VIDEO]

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Beauty and the Beast: Deja Vu Finale Recap [WATCH VIDEO]
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“Beauty and the Beast” (BATB) Season 2 Finale Episode  22 “Deja Vu” aired on Monday, July 7, 2014, at 9:00 p.m. on The CW. Cat found  a way to stop Gabe’s devious plans. Read on to find out more about Movie News Guide’s (MNG) “Beauty and the Beast” recap of Season 2 Finale Episode 22 “Deja Vu.”

“Beauty and the Beast” Season 2 Finale Episode 22 “Deja Vu” was directed by Stuart Gillard and written Brad Kern and Roger Grant. MNG previously reported that BATB Season 2  had been on a hiatus because The CW had a major overhaul in their midseason TV schedule. Since then, there had been reports that the second season won’t return to be finished. To the fans’ surprise, the series was renewed for Season 3 and returned on June 2, 2014.

In “Deja Vu,” Cat, Vincent (Jay Ryan) and the others faced the aftermath of Gabe’s surprising beast mode. “Operation Fake Date” previously ended with Gabe killing Beth, Cat’s old reporter friend. Gabe and Beth planned on knowing more about Vincent’s superhuman DNA. Furthermore, Gabe choked Agent Knox until he died. Agent Knox was the one who helped them to give normalcy a shot in “Ever After.”

Cat had found the possible key that might stop Gabe. It was inside the journal owned by her ancestor, Rebecca. It was in 1854 when Rebecca had used the gem to keep Vincent’s ancestor, Alistair, from being a beast himself. Unfortunately, Alistair was burned to death. She didn’t want Vincent to die, so she looked for clues in the journal.

While Tess (Nina Lisandrello) and JT (Austin Basis) tried to help with their search, Cat went to jail and visited her father, Robert (Rob Stewart). Cat’s father told her that she should just stay away from Vincent permanently. He also said that Vincent must put a beast collar on Gabe. He also suggested that Cat should do what Rebecca did with Alistair — imprison Vincent with the use of the gem.

In Chinatown, Gabe was tracked by JT. It seemed that Gabe was waiting for Vincent to meet him. However, Cat got other plans and asked JT to dart Vincent with a tranquilizer. The plan was successful, and Vincent woke up in a safe place where he couldn’t use his powers. Vincent learned that they used his blood to make a trap for Gabe.

Little did they know, Gabe was already stalking JT inside his lab. Cat returned to Vincent’s whereabouts because she realized that they must stop Gabe together. Unfortunately, they were too late to save JT, who was already on the verge of dying. Vincent became angry because Gabe has finally crossed the line.

Vincent and Gabe fought again inside a pool hall while the FBI officers prepared their tranquilizers. Cat’s plan had already started with the help of the Captain. Cat successfully put a collar on Gabe, but he stll tried to lunge at her. Gabe got himself impaled with the pole Cat was holding.

In the end, Cat turned over all the evidence that might put Gabe behind bars for good. It was said that Gabe almost succeeded in getting Vincent captured in “Cat and Mouse.” He even misled the the brother of the victim he previously killed to keep Vincent in prison. He also kidnapped Heather (Nicole Gale Anderson) in “Cold Case” as part of his plans.

The episode ended featuring JT in his critical condition. His friends were glad that he was still alive, especially Tess. The doctor told them that they used an experiment procedure in order to save JT. The man was also part of the government group that got a hold of Vincent’s blood. He also said that they wouldn’t share any more information unless Cat and Vincent would work with them.

What can you say about the Episode 22 “Deja Vu”? How about the entire season? Will Gabe still continue with his plans? What would happen to JT? We want to hear from you! Share your thoughts with us by posting your reactions about the latest “Beauty and the Beast” episode below.

And that’s it for the “Beauty and the Beast” recap of Season 2 Finale Episode 22 “Deja Vu.” The series will return for Season 3. Stay tuned here on MNG for more updates about BATB, including spoilers and episode recaps, as well as other entertainment news.

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