Beauty And The Beast: Few Other Versions Of The Classic Love Story Revealed

By Alka Vishnoi | 1 year ago
Beauty And The Beast: Few Other Versions Of The Classic Love Story Revealed
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As Beauty And The Beast hits the big screen, audiences are already aware over a couple of different versions dealing with the same story in past. But this one with Emma Watson and Dan Stevens playing Belle and Beast, the movie has created a great amount of hype around it till now. Keeping in mind the extraordinary skills of both the actors, people cannot wait to watch the classic love story yet again.

Some other versions of Beauty And The Beast are mentioned below.

Beauty And The Beast (1946)

The movie made many years ago may not be able to scare children reading monster comics. But the movie directed by Jean Cocteau did look stunning during the olden days. The cast included Josette Day and Jean Marais. Moreover, the film did set a benchmark for the other films which followed after it.

The Scarlet Flower (1952)

The movie is a Russian adaptation of a story written by Sergey Aksakov. Even though there may be many colors and animation included in The Scarlet Flower but its duration is very short. The film is just 40 minutes long. This one was directed by Lev Atamanov.

Beauty and the Beast (1962)

Director by Edward L. Cahn, the Beauty And The Beast in 1962 was the last movie made by Jack Pierce and Cahn together. The creature created by Pierce took the audiences into a laughing riot rather than feeling delighted by its sight. The cast of this movie included Joyce Taylor and Mark Damon.

Beauty and the Beast (1976)

The movie directed by Fielder Cook may not match up with audiences of today’s world but the film is popularly known for its boar like makeup. George C. Scott looks were enhanced by Del Acevedo, Dan Striepeke and Planet of the Apes’ John Chambers. Soon after the look was recreated for 1977 The Island of Dr. Moreau reports IGN.

The Beautician and the Beast (1997)

The cast of the movie includes Timothy Dalton and Fran Drescher. The story unfolds a beautiful world of fantasy showing crash between cultures and the finally it has a happy ending.

Soon after there were two other movies Penelope (2006) and Beastly (2011) based on the same pattern. The former shows Wednesday Adams finally finding her love in Professor X. Meanwhile in the latter there is the classic love story of beauty and beast which gets converted into a modern high school drama. Alex Pettyfer’s face is inked, however, he is not able to look monstrous as per the role of a beast.

beauty and the beast

All these movies are just some of the famous version showing beauty and beast. Apart from them there are several others adaptations and games which are based on the same theme.

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