Beckett Unapologetic About Golfing

By admin | 6 years ago

The Boston Red Sox fans have been looking for another player to express their ingratitude towards since John Lackey is not around due to an injured elbow. They found that target last night in the form of Josh Beckett.

Beckett was hit hard by Cleveland batters and booed even harder at home after allowing seven runs in just 2 1/3 innings. The booing was not just due to his horrible outing, but his golf outing of last week has caused a rift with fans. He played golf the day he was taken out of the lineup as the starting pitcher due to shoulder stiffness.

Following Thursday’s game, Beckett was the first to admit he pitched terribly, but would not back off his defense of choosing to play a round of golf. He told reporters, “I spend my days off how I want to.”

Beckett’s manager Bobby Valentine defended his pitcher by saying, “I have yet to see any pitcher get hurt while playing on the golf course.”

Boston has not played well starting the season and that has upset fans to the point they are booing and disagreeing with nearly everything going on both during a game and before and after games. Boston is 12-19 on the season and in dead last place in Valentine’s inaugural year at the helm. Beckett has not won over the faithful this season on the diamond either, as he is just 2-4 and has an ERA of close to 6.00.

In general, the overall rotation for the Red Sox is not doing very well. The starters are a combined 9-13 with an ERA of 5.77.

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