Beck’s Wikipedia Page Hacked; Calls Him the ‘Stealer of the Album of the Year Award’

By Marie delos Santos | 3 years ago
Beck’s Wikipedia Page Hacked; Calls Him the ‘Stealer of the Album of the Year Award’
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It seems like Kanye West isn’t the only one protesting about who won the Album of the Year award at the Grammys. Some fans seemed to take the issue seriously enough to hack Beck’s Wikipedia page after beating Beyonce. Did he really steal the award from Beyonce? Read on to learn more about this scoop.

Uh-oh! Kanye West isn’t the only one who has negative reactions and comments on the results of the recently ended 57th Annual Grammy Awards. Some people even went as far as hacking Beck’s page on Wikipedia and called him the “stealer of the Album of the Year award.”

According to E! News, Beck’s page was hacked just minutes after being awarded with the trophy. The outlet also cited the changes that these hackers made and added on Beck’s Wikipedia page. Aside from calling him the “stealer” of the award, the hackers also added that he stole it from “Beyonce Knowles, the Queen of the World.”

Does this mean Bey’s fans were behind the hack? Did he really steal the award from Beyonce?

There’s no proof as to who really hacked Beck’s Wikipedia page, but the outlet cited that it may be “people in the Beyhive,” pertaining to Beyonce’s fans.

If Beck really stole the award, we don’t think so! Forbes and other fans began analyzing the reason behind Beck’s award. Forbes listed out possible reasons behind his victory against Beyonce and Sam Smith. The outlet cited Rob Corrdry’s opinion on Twitter: “So far the Grammys have been whiter than the Oscars will be.”

Simply put, he thinks that race had something to do with the results, but Forbes thinks otherwise. Forbes believes it could be an issue of age and the presence of a split vote. Split vote, according to the outlet, is “what happens when you split the voting populace.” The outlet said that the R&B/funk voters were split between Beyonce and Pharell Williams, British voters were split between Ed Sheeran and Sam Smith, and pop voters were split between Sam Smith and Beyonce. All these reasons seem plausible enough, right?

As of this writing, Beck’s page seems all pretty normal by now, and all the changes that were cited by E! News is no longer found on Beck’s Wikipedia page.

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Photo Source: Wikimedia Commons/Barry Mulling


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