Are Becky G and Austin Mahone Dating Now?

By Florida Mae Acampado | 3 years ago
Are Becky G and Austin Mahone Dating Now?
Austin Mahone in Italia il 30 Giugno 2014 prima di incontrare i fan al locale Bobino a Milano

Rumours of Becky G and Austin Mahone dating have been flying over their heads since last year. And it apparently piled up after Mahone broke up with his then-girlfriend Camila Cabello. So what’s their relationship status now?

On Sunday, Feb. 22, Mahone posted a black-and-white photo of him and Becky G over at Instagram, simply captioning it with the word ‘Focused’.  And judging from the photo, it seems they’re in a studio. Through this, we could probably take on a hint that these two celebrities are currently working on another collaboration song together.

Earlier this month, Mahone also posted a photo of them together in a studio, and pretty much started the possibility of an upcoming collab. But the latest one just fanned the flames. Add in his tweet, “@iambeckyg is my favorite person in the whole world”, and people start talking of something else going on between these two.

Since their appearance during the Premios Juventud Awards last July 2014, the two good friends have been the target of dating rumours. However, these two celebrities managed to lessen the fans’ expectations a bit when Mahone was exclusively interviewed by J-14 last August 2014 regarding his relationship with Becky G.

According to Mahone, he and Becky G have been good friends since they recorded the song ‘Magik 2.0’ for the movie ‘Smurfs 2’ back in 2013. Since they have such busy schedules, they hardly ever have the chance to hang out and so they make up for the lost time in the little time that they are together.

This may have served to be a letdown for some hopeful fans, but it seems fans perked up again when the two celebrities got a chance to be working together again this year. Moreover, they have quite a photo to commemorate it!

Do you think Austin Mahone and Becky G are just friends working over a collaboration song or are secretly dating? Post your comments below.

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Photo source: Wikimedia Commons/Marco Del Torchio 95

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