Becky G And Austin Mahone Love Buzz Overload: The ‘Lovin So Hard’ Singer Will Be Headlining Big Ticket

By Lex Lopez | 2 years ago
Becky G And Austin Mahone Love Buzz Overload: The ‘Lovin So Hard’ Singer Will Be Headlining Big Ticket
Becky G.

Ever since Becky G hooked up with Austin Malone, the young couple has generated quite a love buzz on the teenage pop spectrum. The 18-year-old video-sharing sensation gave a heart-to-heart on her relationship with Malone, who happens to be her eye-candy on her “Lovin So Hard” single, of which she will be performing at Canada’s Big Ticket this summer. Read n

Becky G, who is Rebecca Gomez in real life, gushed over her interview with Tribute CA on how it was much fun making the video for “Lovin So Hard.” The singer reminisced that it was definitely something to remember and that it helped a lot that his boyfriend was included. She and Malone were on the baby steps of their relationship during the creation of the video.

“Can we put him in the music video? It’s that fine line because a lot of our people make it sound so scary.  I felt like the most mature way to look at it is that it can only affect us if we let it,” Becky G revealed as she wanted to be honest with her fans on her love life’s status.

The “Lovin So Hard” video showcased the irresistible pair exchanging whispers from ear to ear nad wrapping themselves on each other’s arms.

The Latina singer, who further gained attention with the release of her single “Shower” from her 2014 debut album, promised that fans can expect more music and collaboration from her and Mahone in the future.

“Hopefully, there was a song we did a while ago that will make it on my album that we made with Dr. Luke, so that would be really cool,” Becky G added as both pop singers share a great bond when it comes to music.

Becky G and Mahone cemented their relationship. It was after a sugary storm of their pictures both filled their Instagram pages.

Last April, the “Say Somethin’” singer finally settled the real score between him and G on Hollywood Life.

“We’re dating. I’ve never had, like, a real relationship before so it’s pretty crazy,” Austin blurted out in all the excitement.

Becky G will be one of the headlines for the Big Ticket Summer Concert this Aug. 18, 2015. For more information on the event, click on to Live Nation.

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Photo Source: Facebook/Becky G

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